SprintAir Reviews

SprintAir Reviews

SprintAir of SprintAir Group was established in 2003 and was initially known as  Air Polonia Cargo Sp. z o.o. In 2004, the air service started with freight and mail flights with 3 Let L-410 UVP-E planes. The airline was renamed to  Sky Express Sp. z o.o., and acquired a SAAB 340A. It is in 2008 that the airline was rebranded to its current name and had scheduled domestic passenger operations. Two more Saab 340A’s, formerly of Crossair, Delta Air, Hazelton Airlines, and REX were added to its fleet later that year.

SprintAir Reviews-air serviceFor some reason, SprintAir in 2011 had operated charter flights from several Polish airports to few holiday destinations using a single Airbus A320 aircraft which was leased from Portuguese carrier, White Airways. This activity was suspended with the end of the summer 2011 season, and had never been continued.

Now, SprintAir has 18 SAAB and ATR aircraft which serve destinations within Poland and to Germany, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Latvia. SprintAir operates domestic, regional passenger, and freight services from Warsaw Chopin Airport. Jan Szczepkowski as their chief executive officer.

Official Website
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Looking through the official site, the airline’s overall interface looks modernized and on top of that, it’s user-friendly. Their site gives travellers the option to search and book for flights. The page also lets customers manage their booking and learn more about SprintAir’s services.

If in case the page is in Polski by default, the language selector is found at the top right and it’s interchangeable to English, Deutsch, and Ukrainian.

The page also shows several destinations in flashing images, and below are featured airports in Poland. Though, compared to other airlines’ websites, their page is rather simple.

SprintAir Reviews and Services

inflightTo be honest, we weren’t able to find SprintAir reviews online. Not even TrustPilot, Airlinerating or Airlinequality are showing a post for a comment about SprintAir. Though, with regards to services, images are shown online on how it looks like on board with SprintAir.

As mentioned earlier SprintAir actually utilizes Europe’s biggest fleet of freighter SAABs 340. Annually, SprintAir accommodates around 5 thousand flight operations. Another good factor about SprintAir: they are aware that denied boarding, flight delay or flight cancellation are inevitable. That’s why passengers having these difficulties are entitled to receive assistance and/or financial compensation in specified circumstances of travel disruption.

To learn more about Fare and Fees in SprintAir, click here.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                     http://sprintair.eu/en/
  • Contact Number:               +48 22 212 55 77
  • Contact Email:                   bilety@sprintair.eu
  • Fax Number:                      +48 66 22 80 298
  • Head Office Address:         ul. Ruchliwa 22, 02-182 Warszawa, Polska


SprintAir might not have general information online, but reviews and feedback are supporting details to conclude that the airline is one of the reliable airlines even if they are just considered as a regional or small type of airline. We are looking forward to seeing the continuous growth of the Polish airline to a major airline with Boeing and Airbus, catering more international routes and being part of the World’s Top 100 Airlines next year.

Have you flown with SprintAir? Feel free to share your experience below.


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  1. SprintAir is one of my favorite airlines for the price. I fly o Fort Lauderdale to Plattsburgh every 2 weeks. Price is cheap for airline with fleet of all new A320 aircrafts. Almost on time except for bad weather.


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