Sunwing Review

Online travel sites are only the middle man between travel companies and travelers. Meaning they can’t stand alone, while travel companies like airlines, hotels and cruises can. Travel sites and airlines work hand in hand efficiently. Keeping up with numerous airline partners is hard and may cause vital mistakes.

That’s not the case for Sunwing, because it’s an airline and a travel site at the same time.

Early days

20111012-172600-gSunwing’s operation started on November 17th, 2005. The airline was founded by Colin Hunter and he’s been serving the company as the CEO ever since. The airline started providing travel services to USA, Mexico and Carribean, after years of expanding their domain, the company started to expand and establish subsidiaries for specific travel services.

Sunwing Travel Group is the parent company of Sunwing’s airline and travel website.

Operation – Airline

SunwingAirlinesThe airline offers airfare to almost 70 destinations worldwide. The company offers great service from the ground all the way to the journey on air. One notable feature of the airline is their Champagne service to welcome passenger as they board. They also have complimentary bistro meals and other servings. (Not available for flights within Canada and USA)

They also have on-board entertainment for music listening and film viewing. Kids can enjoy disney movies and the children’s activity kits.

The airline operates 18 Boeing 737-800 aircrafts.


Operation – Travel Site


The purpose of their travel site is to sell affordable deals for flights, hotels, vacation packages, cruises, last minute travel deals and even wedding trips. All travel products in one website. The website is pretty cluttered with different sections close to each other. They have a section for hotel deals with prices, one for last minute travel deals and even a section for travel guides to selected destinations. The website also promotes holiday packages with almost 30% discount rates.

The website allows customers to manage and check their bookings. Checking-in is also available through the website. is easy to navigate, but the company might consider organizing the website pages.

Customer Service

They have 3 offices in Canada, one in Toronto, Montreal and Western Canada. Their phone support is limited to a certain schedule every day, click here for more information

They also have a contact form on their contact us page for submission of questions and enquiries using email.

To make things easier, they provided a FAQs (frequently asked questions) page for general information about bookings and their policy.

Online Ratings

GYWmOwJTheir airline travel services got a 4 out of 10 star rating on Seat comfort and in-flight service were complimented but everything else bashed.

Complaints about no-wifi, poor baggage assistance service, flight delays and customer support were submitted on the website. Customers state that Sunwing has limited capability when providing these services. Some of the negative reviews encouraged future travelers to stay away from Sunwing at all cost. Ouch.

On the bright side, actually there’s no bright side because their travel site/vacation services only got a 2 out of 5 star rating on

QiqbAhuOne traveler said, “Sunwing is absolutely THE WORST airline in Canada.”

Looks like improvements are needed, ASAP.

In a Nutshell

Sunwing has a very extensive operation. It’s a little odd just how many negative reviews were submitted despite the company’s flexibility. Sunwing really needs to amplify their services and evaluate their operation to bridge the gaps.

Sunwings Contact information

  • Website: (travel site) (airline)
  • Contact no: 1 888 495 8501 (travel site) 1.877.877.1755 (airline)
  • Fax no: 416.620.4433 (head office in Toronto) 416.620.4433 (airline)
  • Head office: 27 Fasken Drive Toronto, Ontario M9W 1K6 Canada

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    1. I think you haven’t experienced delayed flights. Its a nightmare, some of us our lucky while some are out of luck. I had to wait 3 hours just to board my flight, its also a domestic flights so the delay wasn’t justified.


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