Surfers Paradise

Hang loose bro and take on the ravest waves in the world. A surfer seeks huge and aggressive waves. A strong wind and the movement of the water current are conditions that primarily produce an ocean wave or wind-generated waves.

There are certain destinations in this planet that are considered to be a surfer’s paradise.

Lima Coastlines, Peru


It’s not really an ideal destination for leisure and relaxation under the sun. But when it comes to surfing, it’s a whole new story. The waves are not that big, but they’re relentless. The coastline of Lima is very long and would be a great place for a surfing contest.

Hossegor, France


It’s the best surfing spot in all of France. The area is mostly a place where mansions and vacation houses are built. Surfing plays a vital role for the city’s local economy. Hossegor is the “Surfing Capital of Europe,” take note, Europe and not just France!

Tofino, Canada


This area might not have the ideal temperature for surfing, but the waves here are considered the best in Canada. Tofino is the “Surfing Capital of Canada.” The entire area is surrounded by thick rainforest, but this doesn’t stop the locals in putting on their warmest wetsuit and ride the waves.

Watergate Bay, England


Enjoy waves reaching the height of three meters and a scenery of greenfield vistas with colorful flowers. Watergate bay is less crowded and would be a perfect getaway for both locals and travelers. Golden sand and blue sky, it doesn’t get any better than this. There’s also a nearby steakhouse; after working an appetite by crushing the waves, enjoy some succulent meat cooked to perfection.

Backdoor, USA

Beginners stand aside and let the elites take this one. Backdoor has some of the most biggest and strongest waves in Hawaii. The tubes can be a little intimidating for beginners who might find themselves falling off the board.

Baler, Philippines


This would be perfect for beginners. Baler in the province of Aurora is the birthplace of surfing in the “Pearl of the Orient” (Philippines). Teens living near the beach have been surfing since they were just young boys and girls. The waves roll regularly and would surely appeal to beginners and skilled surfers.

Cloudbreak, Fiji


The waves can be pretty heavy and strong. However, beginners can train efficiently in this beach for its challenging yet easy to conquer waves with the ideal wind and sea current. The island isn’t that big, so few surfers visit this place.

Teahupoo, French Polynesia


Probably one of the most underrated surfing spots in the world. Teahupoo is a village known for its surf break and gigantic waves. Surfers need to cross the sea for a while to reach the perfect spot somewhere in the middle of the sea. The waves here are raging and can knock you off the board if you don’t know how to balance and maneuver.

Montanita Beach, Ecuador


It’s a hidden gem for surfers in Ecuador.The waves reach 1-meter, so the area is mainly for beginners. However according to the locals, the waves in this area can be brutal, even for accomplished surfers. After spending a morning and afternoon surfing, fix yourself up and enjoy the tropical paradise that the beach offers. Tiki bars, dancing, and fresh fruit cocktails are available all night long.

Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii


It’s the coolest of all the waves and the big daddy of surfing. Beware though as some surfers already got killed surfing some of the biggest waves here. This is probably for the best surfers in the world. The ultimate test for surfing might be to take on the scary waves of the Pipe. Spectators are also sure to have fun as the adrenaline rush transcends from the surfer to the people.

So for surfers all around the world, are you sick and tired of the weak waves hitting your way? Grab your passport, bring your favorite board, sunscreen, and travel the world to take on the biggest challenges of your life.


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  1. Because it takes a lot of precision and right aiming to hit the waves and have the almost perfect surfing over the wave. I am not a surfer but my husband is, he actually enjoyed this article and asked me to leave a comment by saying “Nice list. Awesome!”


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