TAAG Airlines – Anonymous Customer Service Review


1.      1189149111866(Electronic)
2.      16/11/2016 – In Porto we waited over an hour after check-in for the wheelchair assistants, namely MyWay Assistance to fetch my parents;
My parents were then wheeled and left at the boarding gate unattended on their own and forgotten about until we intervened, and were the last to be seated at the very back of the plane;
In Luanda, there was no wheelchair assistance until we again intervened and were initially told they didn’t have sufficient wheelchairs and this took forever before my parents were assisted by GH Assistance and seated at the very back of the plane;
When arriving in SA, no wheelchairs were available. Again after much frustration and exhaustion amongst other complainants, Menzies Aviation came with 2 wheelchairs when five passengers were waiting for wheelchair assistance and this had to be done in turns.
I personally think issues of this nature should be addressed to the respective companies.

25/11/2016 – Once again a very frustrating situation at the airport where the system only reflects one wheelchair despite your confirmation.Blame going back and forth between airport, travel agent and TAAG. Please address this immediately and we would like a formal reply regarding this issue. We are reluctant to fly TAAG in future.


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