Tallest Waterslide in the World

Tallest Waterslide in the World

“Free fall down into the unknown
give you my heart and relinquish my soul
it’s best for what life shall bestow
so I take a big step in the unknown.”
©Steve Escalera

If this poem is not familiar with you, it’s fine. This poem is related somehow to our article today, though not in terms of love but we’ll be talking about freefalling, unknown, soul-relinquishing and a big step down to the Tallest Waterslide in the World.

Tallest Waterslide in the World-Deep Water Dive#5 Deep Water Dive
First on our list goes to the United States for their waterslide located at the Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay in Louisville, Kentucky with a height of 121 feet, making the record for North America’s tallest body slide, and the world’s tallest drop capsule slide. You got only three seconds to prepare yourself, within that time given can you stomach a 12-story drop down? Check this amazing video:

#4 Space Maker
Tallest Waterslide in the World-Space Maker
Somewhere hidden and unknown in Italy stands at 132 to 134-foot water slide which is a 4-person in line raft slide with an impressive 60-degree slope of its drop. Unlike other waterslides, this one is the ‘freefall’ types of extreme rides. An incredible feeling and truly from the heart and throat! Once you reach the pool, when your breath returns, feel free to throw in a liberating scream! Check this breathtaking video:

Tallest Waterslide in the World-Insano#3 Insano
Our third spot goes to the current tallest ‘freestanding’ body slide in the world, located at the Beach Park in Aquiraz, Brazil. Imagine you’ll be dropped while standing 135 feet high from the ground. From the name itself “Insano”, which means Insane in Spanish, it will really make you go insane while waiting for the ultimate fall of your life. Check out this video of the most extreme equipment of this type in the planet:

#2 Kilimanjaro
Tallest Waterslide in the World-Kilimanjaro
The current record holder for the highest drop height on a body slide yet again is made from Brazil located at the Aldeia das Aguas Park Resort in Barra Do Pirai. Seems like Brazilians are so keen to extreme rides, this 49.9-meter (163 ft 9 in) slide in Brazil had previously held the Guinness World Record. Watch this video of one of the wildest water rides in the country:

Tallest Waterslide in the World-Verrückt#1 Verrückt
Someone just stole the record for the tallest in July 2014 with a height of 168 feet and 7 inches high, this 3-person in line raft slide paved its way as the record holder for the world’s tallest water slide, yet another freefall type: the latest endeavor of Schlitterbahn Kansas, United States called as Verrückt. Well, if you are wondering what does “Verrückt” mean, it’s actually a German word meaning “Crazy”. Nice name for a crazy ride now listed as the tallest, fastest, and steepest water slide on the planet. To at least feel the hype, watch this:

I guess it’s a close battle between the United States and Brazil. Keep the competition going guys, we are looking forward for more extreme rides to pass our minds’ wild imaginations. Let us be taken by surprise! Unexpected is still better than your known comfort zone. Sometimes taking risks can be harmful and educational too. I hope the video links are reliable too.

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