The amazing city of Hamilton, Canada

The port city of Hamilton was named in honor of its founder George Hamilton after the War of 1812. It is located at the southern tip of Ontario, facing Lake Ontario and is called the “Ambitious City.” Since its foundation, the city focused on development and expansion of their territory.

The city has a lot to offer in whatever aspect of the society, whether it be in sports, education, arts, technology, and media.

Hamilton has been a film location several times; one film, in particular, is the superhero film starring Woody Harrelson, “Defendor.” In the film the city was nicknamed “Hammer Town;” Hamilton is actually called “the Hammer.”

Hamilton has a moderate weather unlike most cities in Canada. The temperature of the city ranges from -9°C to 27°C yearly.

Hamilton is famous for its historical relevance during the pre-colonial times and the city’s participation during the war effort.

Anyway, this article features the present time of Hamilton and not their past. So, here are some of the city’s best features.

Since the word “war” was mentioned in the article, one of the city’s hot destinations is the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. The museum has an exhibit of vintage battle aircraft used during the war. A visit to the museum is also a learning opportunity to understand more about Canada’s stand during the previous war.

albion3If you have the time go “Waterfall hunting,” along Hamilton. Over 100 waterfalls are spread in Hammer town, some of them are easy to find while some are hidden in plain sight. One in particular is the Albion falls with its amazing cascade flow. Albion was also a primary source of potable water for the residents. The city also has the Buttermilk fall, Tifanny fall, Webster fall, and more. Remember there are over 100 waterfalls, it might take you weeks or even months to visit them all.

african-lion-safari-contest-d6260570Another main attraction in Hamilton is the African Lion Safari in Flamborough. This animal park was the Travelers’ Choice Winner of 2015 on The animal park takes care of over 1,000 animals like lions, elephants, giraffes, eagles, parrots, and more. The facility offers a variety of activities where visitors can interact with the animals. Visitors can enjoy a show with great birds, a cruise aboard the “African Queen,” to tour the Safari lake and spot lemurs and spider monkeys. Take your children for a ride along the “Nature Boy” railway and feed Scimitar horned oryx. This would be a great place to bring your family. For more information click here.

Dundurn-Castle-photo-by-Laura-WaldieA day of exploring the Dundurn Castle is a day well spent. The historic neoclassical mansion is home to some of the early settlers of Hamilton, like Sir Allan MacNab. The city spent $3 million to renovate the mansion and turn it into an attraction. The castle is located inside the Dundurn park just like the Cockpit Theater and Hamilton Military Museum. Performances and theater plays were staged here from the days of the pioneers up to now. A tour inside the house includes stories about the life of the MacNabs. Most travelers find the mansion very interesting. The Dundurn Castle stood the test of time and is now a symbol not only for Hamilton, but for the entire country.

Places to Stay

Super 8 Mt Hope Hamilton Intl Arpt ON

69481597-Super-8-Mt-Hope-Hamilton-Intl-Arpt-ON-Lobby-1-DEFThis hotel located in Mount Hope is famous for its unique interior design and cheap price rates. The hotel is ideal for travelers who just got out of a long drive. Cleanliness is maintained and great sevice is provided. The hotel offers land transportation services to reach different tourist destinations.


Best Western Premier C Hotel

Hi_66107_ exterior - sizedIf you want luxury and comfort, book a reservation in the Premier C. The modern architecture of the building really appeals to the guests. The rooms feature clean and large bathrooms, amenities kit, and comfortable beds. According to online reviews, this western hotel has a certain essence and soul.

Places to Eat

12Oct12Quatrefoil was ranked the number one restaurant in all of Hamilton. Chefs Fraser Macfarlane and Georgina Mitropoulos opened the restaurant in May 2010. Ever since then, they have been serving the best French inspired dishes in Hamilton. One of their signature dishes is the savoury cumbreas beef tenderloin. They also serve fine wine to accommodate their tasty cuisine.

india-village-restaurantThe second best restaurant is none other than India Village Restaurant in Ancaster. The restaurant is known to provide the best Indian cuisine in the area. Service is great and the ambiance is cozy, according to online reviews on They cooked the best Beef Karahi, Shrimp Madras, and Saag Paneer in town. The restaurant also offers cooking lessons for anyone who’s interested.

If you’re hoping for a great escape, why not visit Hamilton with your family or friends? The city is the ninth largest in Canada and it is rich in heritage, fine cuisine and local attractions.

The city deserves more credit to being a premier travel destination than it currently has.


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