The attractions in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

When it comes to attractions, people would say Rome, Paris, and London are some of the best. It’s true the these cities have a lot to be proud of. However , there are some cities in the world that are, let’s say, overlooked, because most of us are unaware of its beauty. One city in particular is Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.

Melbourne is the most populated city in Australia and the entire Oceania region. Sydney is more popular than Melbourne no doubt about that, but Melbourne has its own unique features that sets it apart from Sydney.

If you’re planning to visit Melbourne, here’s a list of places you need to visit.

hot-air-balloon-yarra-valley_yvdr_r_1350522-303_503x283For nature lovers, make your way to the Yarra valley for some breathe of fresh air. The valley is mostly covered with bushes, trees, and grass. It’ a green paradise. This is like one of those places wherein, a young man dreams about running towards the arms of his soulmate. This place would be perfect for picnics and maybe some frisbee. Another thing to look forward to is the Hot Air Balloon ride over the valley. A bird’s eye view of the valley would be amazing.

royal-botanic-gardensAfter an open area of green fields, visit the vegetation haven in the Royal Botanical Gardens. Walk along gigantic trees and exotic plants. There are over 10,000 individual species divided in various category of trees, plants and flowers. The garden is also home to different animals like eels and the endangered grey-headed flying foxes. The garden has a running study for plant species.

Healesville-Sanctuary-logo-400Next on the list is the Healesville Sanctuary, which is an abode for native Australian animals. Do you watch Phineas and Ferb? Remember Perry the platypus? Well, one of the endemic animals in Australia is the platypus. The zoo is also home to the red kangaroo, tasmanian devil, wombat, black kite, barking owl, Alpine she-oak skink, dingo, and more.




The Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium nurtures aquatic animals and has an extensive research and conservation for marine species. The Aquarium has four levels,  as well as additional floor space at the basement. They have a crocodile’s lair, a penguin playground, a shipwreck explorer, coral caves, and even a cafe called coral café. The aquarium also breeds grey nurse sharks and bamboo sharks.

Old-Melbourne-Gaol-VTA2010 If you’re into paranormal activities then you should totally visit the Old Melbourne Gaol museum. The museum used to be a prison to some of the most infamous criminals that ever lived like Ned Kelly. The museum exhibits materials and memorabilias of the prison like handcuffs and death masks. The museum/prison is said the be haunted by some of the prisoners who were executed in the prison.

000025067c-39WEBAttention science geeks, the Scienceworks science museum has a tesla coil that can generate small lightning bolts, that alone can attract visitors. The museum also features experimental works and educational tours. They also a planetarium to show the farthest constellations and celestial bodies in the universe.


ngv-federationsquareNow for the love of art, the National Gallery of Victoria is the oldest public art museum in Australia. Masterpieces by Picasso, Rothko, El Greco, Vernose and other great painters are exhibited in the gallery. The museum is also home to the paintings of local artists like Frederick McCubbin, Fred Williams, John Russel, and others. One of the main star in the gallery is McCubbin’s “The Pioneer.”

These are just some of the main destinations in Melbourne, there are so much more and it would be one hell of a travel experience for everyone. Hope this article helped everyone finish their itinerary list. Travel and experience Melbourne, mate!


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