The Beautiful Quebec City

Witness the living manifestation of the early European settlements in the commonwealth by visiting the amazing Quebec City in the province of Quebec, Canada.

It’s like traveling back in time or visiting the film location of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Two magnificent gates guard the city entrance, Porte St-Louis and Porte St-Jean. The two gates are called “Ramparts of Quebec City.” The gates were fortified after the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759; it’s pretty cool, right? It’s like a scene from The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers where the elven archers ready their bow and arrow.

Well other than the stone houses and cobbled streets, here are the other amazing stuff to see and experience in Quebec City.

Aidan-and-I-in-aquariumWanna see polar bears swimming and sea lions feeding? The Quebec Aquarium is a 16-hectare facility that shelters and takes care of Arctic aquatic animals. The aquarium is both a museum and a learning facility, especially for students and children. They offer a variety of activities where visitors get to interact with the animals or learn about each of the marine species.

They also have a fountain and a playground fountain in the facility.

battlefields-park-parcAnother awesome place to visit is the Battlefields Park. This park is an important piece of Canadian history, because the Battle of the Plains of Abraham took place here when  the British stood victorious over the French, which led the way for Canada’s development. The cannon in the park is a landmark of the city and the whole country.


2008_Mirroring_Musee_Install_02The collective work of Quebec artists from the 18th century up to the present time is preserved and featured in the National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec within the Battlefields Park. Paintings, sculptures, and art installations are shown to the public to promote Quebec’s art movement. They also have a library of historical archives that date back to the early days of the city.

Old-Quebec-49371If Montréal has Old Montréal, Quebec has Old Quebec. The old neighborhood is brimming with history. The panorama of the entire community is undoubtedly spectacular in every angle. Brick apartments, street vendors and horse drawn carriages invibe the French colonial past juxtapose the modern comforts this age has to offer – electric lights, phone lines, casually dressed tourists and their cameras, etc.

3122965A liquid gem between Beauport and Boischatel is the Montmorency falls that forms a giant column of water separating the two communities. The surroundings is a nature reserve protected by the local government. This would be a great stop after a long day of walking and touring the city.



citadelleThe Citadelle of Quebec is an active military installation that has stood the test of time for decades despite on-going wars. The Royal 22 museum is the highlight of the tour. Cannons, guns and swords used by the soldiers in the early days form the exhibit. The museum tour is divided into several activities, they have the “School of Soldier exercise,” “Night tour,” “Changing of the guard,” and many more. This is a great opportunity to learn about the history of the citadel and the its secrets.

bibliotheque_generale_modThe Morrin Centre is a cultural facility established to educate the locals and travelers about the literary contributions of English-speaking Quebecers like Oscar Peterson and Leonard Cohen. Literary works, timeline of past events, and the early routine of the community are thought at the centre’s library.

After a day of wandering around the city, visit one of these amazing food spots in the city.

For some Japanese cuisine, order some of the addicting sushi rolls in Masaharu Sushi bar. Each serving is cooked with fresh fish and other ingredients. Previous customers encourage future travelers to seek satisfaction in this restaurant.

If you’re craving for some good Italian pizza or pasta, then you should probably make a reservation at La Pizzaiola. The restaurant serves amazing pizza flavors like Hawaiian, Diavola, Napoletana, and Verdure. They’re known for their signature pasta dishes as well, like Ravioli Ricotta, Risotto Porcini, and Squid Ink Tagliatelle con Granchio.

If you’re fond of history and you’re looking for a new type of travel experience, then we highly recommend that you visit the beautiful and nostalgic Quebec City. This destination will also be an amazing photo op, so don’t forget to bring your camera.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Beautiful Quebec City.


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  1. Me and my class already visited the Citadelle. We actually went there for the Night Tour, it was amazing and some of the scary stories the tour guide said were very unusual and my class had so much fun.


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