The great town of Whistler in Canada

Whistler is a municipality resort for the locals in Canada and travelers from all over the globe. The entire town area is situated in the pacific ranges of the coast mountains. The cold climate can be pretty nasty reaching the temperature of almost -10°C (14°) and lower. During summer time, temperature rise to 30°C (86 °F) or higher.

Travelers are encouraged to visit Whistler from December to March. The mountain skiing condition is at its best from December to February, then greet the warm season with the entrance of March. Amazing festivals also took place within these months. The Whistler film festival, Whistler’s blackbomb fire and ice show and WinterPRIDE festival.

Now time to discuss about the town’s best features.

FYI, Whistler was ranked 2nd best ski destination in the world by

Canadian-Ski-ResortsThe area is commonly visited for alpine skiing and snowboarding because of the mountain form. The hottest or in this case coldest spot for snow sports is the Whistler Blackcomb ski resort. The resort offers a complete package for travelers, they have ski trails, lodge, cable rides, restaurants and more. The mountain offers the best mountain trails and pathways for several snow sports. Is it possible for Whistler to beat Jackson Hole in USA for the top spot in the ranking?

Whistler-kids-by-ToshiKawanoWhistler also offers a camp and training center for kids who wants to learn how to ski. The Whistler Kids facility offers direct lessons for skiing to young ones. The online reviews about this place is overwhelming with positivity. Parents were thankful for the great staff who took care of their children and managed to teach them how to ski in just 2 to 3 days.

peak-2-peak-gondola-2According to, the number 1 thing to do in Whistler is to ride the Peak 2 Peak Gondola lift. The cable ride stretches from the Whistler mountain’s peak to the Blackcomb mountain. Online reviews on Tripadvisor said the experience was spectacular with the scenic sublime of the entire area enveloped with snow. The view of the mountains is also amazing from the top. There were even travelers with acrophobia who rode the gondola and enjoyed the ride.

a144f627-ee5c-4857-b05d-72f7b2bc900aFor bike enthusiasts, the Whistler Mountain Bike Park has the best terrain for an adrenaline pumping bike ride. The landform of the park has steep platforms, rocky trails and grassy paths. One traveler said, “Hands down the best place to go with your riding bros! Ton’s of great trails for different skill levels.”


Lost Lake DockTo refresh your mind, body and soul, mostly your body, visit the tiny Lost lake. The lake is located inside the Lost lake park which is a cross-country skiing area. Travelers are amazed by the calm aura of the lake. The park has its own lodge for people looking for a place to stay. The lodge also received good reviews from previous guests.

brandywine-falls-tree-framedLost lake isn’t the only beautiful water-base area in Whistler. The town is also home to magnificent falls like Brandywine falls, Shannon falls and Naim falls. They also have the Rainbow beach park with its amazing mountain view. The park is visited mostly for quiet picnics and pleasant bike rides.

trainwreck1Another activity you should never overlook is the Train Wreck hiking trail. The trail isn’t really that hard to trek, the highlight of it is the scattered and painted train cars. It was a mess to begin with, but the locals came up with a good idea to paint the train cars and open a hiking trail for the mechanical and natural museum.

Temporary Home

FairmontChateauWhistlerRoomThe Fairmont Chateau Whistler Resort with its amazing architecture concept has been sheltering millions of travelers for years. The hotel offers efficient room service for sanitation and food serving. The hotel has its own pool area and guests can enjoy a quiet bath time on hot tubs in each room. The hotel has an amazing view of the Blackcomb mountain.



For travelers on a budget, consider seeking shelter in the Glaciers reach. The interior design for each room is built with quality wood with modern furnitures. The glass wall also offers a beautiful view of the snowy slopes. The hotel installed hot tubs for the top rooms in the patios. Amazing place to relax.

Appetite Savior

Oysters-988x659The Rim rock cafe and oyster bar restaurant has a long name and serves the best italian cuisine in town. Their world-quality wine is paired best with their signature dish, Seafood Antipasto. The combination of  seared Ahi, nut crusted Sablefish and grilled prawns has been a locals and travelers favorite serving.

try-a-peaked-pie-withThe Peaked Pies pastry shop has been serving amazing pies paired with unique ingredients like beef, smashed peas and other spices. Their Aussie pie is said to be divine, especially with a cup of cappuccino during a chilly day. One customer gave the description “Pies of perfection,” for the store. Pastry magic my friends.

Whistler is perfect for individuals looking for a slightly cold vacation with a variety of activities. This town in Canada needs to be in your bucket list.

Hope you guys enjoyed this article about the municipality of Whistler in Canada. Feel free to leave your comments below.


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  1. I would rather visit the province of Nova Scotia for one reason, the Northern Lights is visible in some of the area over there. Great place for night skiing too.


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