Tips for Staying Productive While You Travel

Tips for Staying Productive While You Travel

Once upon a time working means being in the office all day and travelling means staying outdoors and completely a non-working trip. But nowadays, things just change really fast. With some flexible employers and some high-tech tools and devices, individuals can now work while travelling. It doesn’t really sound that complicated as long as you make sure to be prepared.

This certain travel and work employees face unexpected problems. Better to be armed and prepared before facing a battle than to be clueless at all. Well, in this article we’ll be talking about some tips for staying productive while you travel.

Tips for Staying Productive While You Travel-planMake Plans

Just going with the flow versus planning ahead with a routine. These two are really contradicting, the first option only works if you are travelling for leisure and relaxation. But the second option will be more reliable for a working traveller. Of course, you might not want to miss a single task just because you forgot to manage your flexibility, flight connections and to-do list. Time management is the key as well, as long as you know how to balance your time to certain tasks, then everything will flow accordingly. Don’t let the boss scold you over a missed responsibility that rooted from your own incautious actions.

Make sure to have your Plan A, B and C, just in case. Remember! “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”

Stay Connected

Tips for Staying Productive While You Travel-MaslowThis yet another essential reminder for a working traveller, you’ll be in big trouble mister. You might be prepared and following on a certain routine but there’s probably one key piece of information you’ll need that’s only accessible via the Internet. Never just rely on airport’s, airlines’ and establishment’s WiFi, consider them as an option but not your source. Some airlines don’t provide WiFi on air. It is essential to make sure you bring your own pocket WiFi or any little source of internet connection. Believe me,  you might not want to let your boss think you were just slacking while travelling.

*This image has gone viral online as Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs version 2.0. This only proves, WiFi is a must.

Tips for Staying Productive While You Travel-powerbankStay ON

1 and 2 Productivity methods will be useless if your laptop or mobile phone will drain, right? You might be connected and prepared for a routine task, but all of that will be useless without keeping your working equipments and tools active or powered up. Of course, you are not in zero option. There’s always a choice in life. Before being all-techy, you can always make sure that your devices are fully charged before making a long trip to another place. Now talking about techy, just so you know the existence of powerbanks are everywhere now. Some are even solar powered. Again, as much as possible, do not rely on public utility sockets or establishment outlets.

Backup your Files

Tips for Staying Productive While You Travel-backupAfter doing massive workload and all the amount of work you need to finish in time, all is set and you’re ready to head back home. Suddenly a catastrophic event hits you, a thief comes your way and leave you with nothing. Now, how can you go home? How can you move forward? Where do you start from here? Passport, money, phone and the laptop that contains everything you worked for-the main reason why you travelled. Again, it is really essential to be prepared. Save all important documents on Google Docs, scan your passport, keep a list of your phonebook and send it to your email. At least, if you were unfortunate to suffer this misery not brought but taken by a thief, you can call a friend, ask help and you still have the workload somewhere on your email.

I hope we were able to prepare you on your future war against time, work and travel. You might also want to check our article about “5 Cool Must-Have Travel Gadgets”. Or feel free to leave a topic suggestion below.


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