Tips When Traveling to Rome

Rome is famous for its majestic and gigantic historical attractions. Millions of people travel to Rome yearly hoping to take a picture in front of the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and others.

The Eternal City, was ranked 9th on Traveleye’s top 100  “Best Travel Destinations.”

Here are some tips and reminders to all travelers who are eager to visit Rome.

To fully appreciate your experience, know their history, Rome is well-known for their rich history regarding their culture, infrastructure and establishment. Read some articles about the historical sites and find out the real story behind each place, that way you will have a deeper appreciation on your trip.


If you ever stumbled upon the Trevi Fountain, make sure to drop a coin. Every night, the basin contains almost 3,000 Euros which is donated to Caritas, a catholic charity.


There are 900 churches and 280 fountains in Rome, why not make a list of all the ones you have visited, keep doing that and who knows, 5 or 10 years from now, you might be surprised to find out that you’ve visited all of them.


For hotel reservations or inns, there are several places to stay in Rome with affordable prices and good quality service like Residenza Cellini, Inn at the Roman Forum, Hotel San Anselmo and My Guest Roma are just some of them.

Best Eats

If you’re looking for places to eat, here are some highly recommended restaurants or eating sports offering the best dishes in Rome.

  • Armando Al Pantheon, just half a block from the Pantheon, this family owned restaurant has been serving quality Roman meals for years. The Gargioli family, owner of Armando works hard for years to perfect some of their signature dishes including spaghetti alla gricia and coda alla vaccinara.
  • Mordi E Vai, home of the best sandwiches and market treats in Rome. As low as €3, you can enjoy one of their best sellers prepared by owner Sergio Esposito. The techniques and ingredients for this food store is a family treasure that has been feeding the locals and travelers for many years now.
  • Gusto, a great pizza place with a variety of flavors and ingredients. Many travelers who ate at the restaurant for the first time were blown away on how delicious and authentic their menu was.

There are more amazing food spots in Rome, make sure to gain information from the internet or others to know where to go.

Make sure to visit the many cafes scattered around the city, there’s the Caffe Greco, Canova Tadolini, Domiziano and more.

Visit the Vatican

Explore the Vatican City and attend the Papal masses at the St. Peter’s Basilica. Tickets are required and there are designated dates for the holy events. Click here for more information.


Markets in Rome

Visit and shop at the many markets of Rome. Travelers tend to visit many restaurants to satisfy their hunger, why not engage on the locals daily routine of going to the markets in the morning, buying fresh ingredients and cooking something delicious. Go to Testaccio market, Campagna Amica market or maybe Laurentino market, explore Rome and indulge to its amazing flavor.

Testaccio market

Try cooking some of Rome’s authentic meals like Puntarelle, Trippa alla romana or Spaghetti cacio e pepe.

Fun time, Game time

If you are travelling with kids or maybe you’re young at heart, there are different arcades and fun parks in Rome. They have Fantasticland in Via Dei Platani, Fatamorgana Ludoteca in Via Dei Volsci and Vigamus (The Video Game Museum) in Prati.


Another part of Rome’s history are their museums, galleries and theaters. Visit the Vatican museums, catch a musical performance in Bernini’s located in Sant’Agnese and see the beautiful masterpieces in Galleria Borghese. There are so many places to visit for travelers to appreciate Rome’s work of art, the creative craft lives on and is shared to millions of people.


Rome is without a doubt one of the places everyone should visit. Rome is prominent because of their history which is being preserved and cherished these days. Travel to Rome, then after 10 or 15 years look back and remind yourself about the great experience you had.

Hope these Tips When Traveling to Rome was informative and fun to read. Don’t forget to leave your comments below folks. Travel more!


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  1. Rome is by far the best place I have been in. I stayed there for only 4 days and my experience was awesome. I remember throwing a lot of coins with my nephews, it is good to know the money is going to help charity.

  2. I will always choose Rome as a destination over every travel destinations in this world. The city is beautiful and I think the people over there have a lot of great stories to tell.


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