Titanic II

Titanic II

Who wouldn’t know about the RMS Titanic of White Star Line? Or the story about how it sank more than a hundred years ago in the North Atlantic Ocean where between 1,490 and 1,635 died? “Hypothermia” was the major cause of death of most of the passengers. Imagine being in the water for more or less 2 hours with a temperature of 28 °F (−2 °C).

Titanic II-Clive Palmer
Clive Palmer

Two days ago, Queensland’s richest person, Mr. Clive Palmer and his company Blue Star Line recently announced that they are planning to make a ship, which will be physically identical to the”Titanic” (to set sail in 2018, from eastern China, Jiangsu to Dubai) and will cost nearly $434 million.

If you stumble upon Blue Star Line’s original news published in 2013, you would notice that the initial schedule of launching was actually this year (2016). This is because the initial announcement of Titanic II was made in 2013, which is exactly 100 years after the original vessel last sailed.

However, since they want to make things almost perfect and desire accuracy over their work, it took them a lot of time for the preparation. An interview in 2014, Clive Palmer even mentioned that the new Titanic II was a “Big job”. We totally agree with him since the original Titanic took seven years to be built. Though this year Blue Star Line had re-announced that Titanic II will be launched in 2018.

Titanic II-blue star lineWe can surely rely with the Blue Star Line, since this British passenger and cargo shipping company is a veteran in providing importation and transportation business since 1911 (or more than 100 years in service.)

The ship will have the same size as the original Titanic, being 882 feet long and 100 feet high, but will include safety and navigational features. Once it’s done it will be called as “Titanic II”.

Since Mr. Palmer had promised that the ship will follow its predecessor, Titanic II will also have 840 rooms and nine decks. The Titanic expert, Steve Hall was appointed as the Design Consultant and Historian for the project Titanic II. He’s not alone to acquire the accuracy of the original Titanic; the great-great nephew of Joseph Bruce Ismay (a Titanic survivor and chairman of the White Star Line), Ms.  Terry Ismay will also be a member of the board. The Deltamarin, a Finnish naval architecture firm and a proven expert, was commissioned to be responsible with the design of the ship.

Here are some ongoing images of the under construction project Titanic II:

Titanic II-grand-staircase
The grand staircase in the first-class section.
Titanic II-first-class-stateroom
A luxurious first-class stateroom.

The only changes to the original “Ship of Dreams” would be below the waterline, including welding and not riveting, diesel generation, a bulbous bow for greater fuel efficiency and enlarged rudder and bow thrusters for increased maneuverability.

Titanic II-difference-comparison
Titanic (blue) and the Titanic II (red)

I hope the ship strength will be more invincible over an iceberg compared to the last time wherein the negligence of John George “Jack” Phillips who yelled “Shut up! I am busy, I am working Cape Race!” when a final warning (from the SS Californian) of approaches Icefield some miles away was given and because of neglecting the warning, the ship’s speed didn’t reduce and that it was too late for them to turn the ship.


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