Top 10 Reasons to Visit Calgary, Alberta

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Calgary, Alberta

What makes a place one of the hottest and most visited destination in the world? Is it the festivities, cuisine, theme parks and many more attractions? A particular city in Alberta, Canada almost features every type of attraction there is, that city is none-other than, Calgary.

Calgary is the biggest city in Alberta. It is a mystery why Calgary is not included in the Top 100 Destinations in the World by Traveleye. I hope people may stumble upon this article and take time to read it to be aware how amazing Calgary is.

Here is a Top 10 list of reasons to visit Calgary.

  1. The Glenbow Museum – Travel back through time and witness some of Western Canada’s pieces of history. The museum exhibits not only artifacts but also books and archives. There are over 200,000 works and 100,000 books including other printed materials like newspapers and periodicals that can be traced back from the 19th century. The museum includes art collections, cultural history collections, fur traders art collections, mineralogy collections, military collections and more. Historians and archaeologist are sure to experience a great time with these artifacts, and of course, travelers as well.
  2. The Calgary Tower – Stands 191 meters from the ground and provides a 360° view of the entire city. See the prairies, rocky mountains, foothills and the busy city underneath. Visitors are given a tour from bottom to top while disseminating essential history information of Calgary and its tower. Other than sightseeing, visitors can dine in either the Sky 360 restaurant or Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. img_5602-calgary-tower
  3. Calgary Zoo and Prehistoric Park – There are hundreds of zoos scattered all over Canada, what makes the Calgary Zoo stand out is the different features of their terrain. The zoo is divided into destinations, Destination Africa, Canadian Wilds, Dorothy Harvie Botanical Gardens and ENMAX Conservatory, Eurasia, Prehistoric Park and Penguin Plunge. The zoo features rare species of extinct animals and rare plant species. The Zoo aims to motivate millions of people to take part and provide a better world for the animals and the plants, at the same time educates them about the importance of these existing creatures.
  4. The Rocky Mountaineer Rail Journey – All aboard and ride the rails while staring at the magnificent view of the Canadian Rockies, glacier-fed lakes and raging rivers. The journey travels between Calgary and Vancouver, upon arriving at Canmore,  take a picture of the beautiful “Three Sisters” snow capped mountain. image6
  5. Calgary Stampede – Known as “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” the Calgary Stampede attracts over a million visitors from all over Canada and the world every year. The great festival is held in July every year with different features including stage shows, parades, markets, chuckwagon racing and of course one of the largest rodeos in the world. Every part of the festival is truly breathtaking and every visitor is sure to have the time of their life. stampede-620
  6. Canada Olympic Park – The sport park provides extensive training and recreational purposes for the visitors who are fond of ski jumping, snowboarding, bobsleigh and luge. Summer camps and ziplines are also part of the fun. The venue’s terrain is perfect for each sport and the park is maintained by WinSport Canada to provide a full level of sport services and safety. So anyone looking for adrenaline, make sure to list this destination in your itinerary.
  7. The Military Museums – For military savvy people out there, who love big war machines are in for a treat by visiting the Military Museums. Take your picture while riding huge vintage tank and capture photos of Canada’s historical navy, army and air force military equipment.
  8. Aero Space Museum – A vintage touch is always considered cool, the Aero Space museum pays tribute to the Canadian Pilots who fought in WWII who are also the founders of the museum itself. From small pieces of equipment to time-tested airliners are showcased in the museum that entails the story of Canada’s aviation history.
  9. Jelly Modern Doughnuts – Canada’s authentic gourmet doughnut cafe. Doughnuts of all flavors, perfected throughout the years by talented and dedicated pastry chefs are prepared throughout the day and served to all customers. The doughnut cafe is part of Canada’s tradition and have attracted people from all over the world.
  10. The People – Canadians are known throughout the world for being the kindest group of people, but they are also recognized for their resiliency in the face of many ordeals. In 2013, Alberta suffered relentless rainfalls which flooded most of the province and was considered as the worst calamity in Alberta’s History. Calgary suffered a great destruction but was able to overwhelm the crisis with their resolve. Visiting Calgary is also an opportunity to talk to the bravest people and get to know their story.

Calgary offers a complete package for travelers in terms of destinations, what more can you ask for? There are so many more attractions in Calgary other than the ones included in this list. The history, festivities, culture and people truly manifests Calgary’s beauty and greatness. So if you are looking for a great place to travel to with friends and familiy, why not visit the outstanding city of Calgary. Some of the best destinations are not included in top ten lists or rankings because sometimes when you get off the old beaten path you’ll discover things that don’t make lists like this, but probably should. Did you find this top 10 Reasons to visit Calgary, Alberta review informative? Feel free to leave your comments below.


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  1. You forgot to include the Heritage park, but I have to agree with this article, the Calgary stampede is one of the best experiences of my life, especially the rodeo.

  2. I’ve rode the Rocky Mountaineer, the experience was awesome, perfect weather, perfect view and even some snacks. I highly recommend for everyone to ride the rails too.

  3. Rocky Mountaineer Rail Journey is by far the best experience i had in my life. Piece of advice though choose your seat wisely if you ever get to ride the train.


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