Top 5 Best Bookstores in the World

Top 5 Best Bookstores in the World

You might have this one friend who’d rather sit down and let a book consume her all day long. Or a relative who is fond of buying books and loves reading from time to time. These kinds of people are considered as “Bookworms”. Nowadays, reading physical books are not as always as it was before. Now, we have Digital and Audio books which makes reading easier through the use of a smartphone, tablet and/or electronic devices.

Have you ever wondered? Aside from your usual bookshop in town. What are the best bookstores in the world? Let me share you the Top 5 Best Bookstores in the World. You might not know, one of them might be just next to your place.

Foyles Bookstore2#5 Foyles Bookstore
While wandering the streets of Charing Cross Road, you’ll stumble upon the 5 storey high and 4 miles wide in shelf area building, which Guinness Book of Records named as the world’s largest bookshop. Foyles was awarded with several awards annually. The prestigious bookstore has over 1 million different titles and extensive products/services such as gifts, stationery, magazines, music merchandise and a cafe where Ray’s Jazz is played. The owners even considered Foyles as “Bookshop of the future.” If you’re not yet convinced, then check out the ‘107 Reasons’ why you had to reconsider in falling love with Foyles, click here.
(For reference: 107 Charing Cross Rd, London WC2H 0DT, United Kingdom/+44 20 7437 5660 /


Top 5 Best Bookstores in the World-Shakespeare and Company#4  Shakespeare and Company
Up for grabs for English language literature specialists, get lost inside the most famous independent bookstore in Paris, France. Which sells new, used books and it also serves as a library and have been appearing in several movies such as Before Sunset, Midnight Paris; and also on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (Paris episodes). You might see similar names of the bookstore in New York, but they are not affiliated. The owner herself was an author, bookseller and publisher, which made her shop a target-gathering place for French, British, American and Irish writers. However, this famous bookstore in the capital of France became the sanctuary of their twenty customers during the November 2015 Paris attacks.
(For reference: 37 Rue de la Bûcherie, 75005 Paris, France/+33 1 43 25 40 93 /


#3  El Ateneo Grand Splendid
Top 5 Best Bookstores in the World-El Ateneo Grand Splendid The majestic Teatro Gran Splendid was the original name of the place which opened as a theatre in 1919 and converted into a cinema in 1929. It was leased in 2000 and turned into with El Ateneo Grand Splendid, which is a joint venture between Yenny Booksellers and El Ateneo publishing house. The product of the two book-market giants resulted in an Italian vibe gigantic bookstore. Just so you know, the elegant bookstore doesn’t just attract book lovers but also tourists too since its fine interior was designed by famous Italian architects. Up for a coffee? The backstage was turned into a new cafe, where you can sit back, sip and listen to a live piano music.
(For reference: Av. Santa Fé 1860. C1123AAN Buenos Aires, Argentina /+54 11 4813-6052 /


Top 5 Best Bookstores in the World-Libreria Acqua Alta#2  Libreria Acqua Alta
Recorded as the most beautiful shop in the world. The origin of the name pretty explains everything, since it means “High Water Bookstore”. The quirkiness is everywhere as you walk around the bookstore; old bathtubs, full-size gondolas, rowing boats and even atlases, dictionaries, biographies, outdated encyclopedias and history books. Libreria Acqua Alta has been selling new and used books while floating on the water for about 10 years. But if you hate cats, watched out for the owner’s feline for they frequently roam around.
(For reference: Castello, 5176/b, 30122 Venezia, Italy/+39 041 296 0841 /Facebook Site)


#1 Powell’s City of Books
Powell’s City of Books2 Grab a map and get lost with the world renowned to be the largest independent chain of bookstore. Taking a step inside this bookstore will take you to different dimensions, stories and even character. Powell’s City of Books consists of 9 color-coded rooms, 3 floors and 3,500 sections with an estimation of over 1.5 million books. By just imagining that, it could be mind blowing. Restrooms are found on the second level and if you need coffee, there’s a cafe on the first floor right pass through the blue and gold rooms. The bookstore doesn’t just sell books they also want to buy your used books.
(For reference: 1005 W Burnside St., Portland, OR, USA /97209; 503-228-4651 /


Word on the WaterIn addition, bookstores in London are everywhere. One of the famous moving bookstore is the “Word on the Water”. This is not located at a specific address or landmark for this is found somewhere roaming around the London canals/rivers. Stuffed with assorted and reasonably priced books, poetry and while playing along with the owner’s favorite music.
If we can’t part the water like Moses, then let’s get over the water to pass through.

Hand in hand, books had been an essential weapon for each and every one of us, from birth up to the present. We are taught at home with educational books by our parents, at school we used books to study a particular subject or field and even not-in-school we used books to educate ourselves to new learnings and discoveries.


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  1. This article is my favorite, I really love books especially English. I am hoping to visit the Word on the Water someday. However, my dream is to get to your Top 2 Libreria Acqua Alta! The smell of vintage books.

  2. I love books more than anyone else and this article sure had made me fall a million times over again. I love your list! I already visited Powell’s City of Books and Foyles Bookstore. Next stop? El Ateneo Grand Splendid and Shakespeare and Company.


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