Top 5 Best Cruises for 2016

Top 5 Best Cruises for 2016

Drop the anchors and let’s hit the ocean with the most anticipating cruises this year. In this article, we will give you the Top 5 Best Cruises for 2016!

Top 5 Best Cruises for 2016-Norwegian Escape#5 Norwegian Cruise Line-Norwegian Escape
This cruise has a lot to offer, over 28 dinning experiences and 21 bars and lounges. This year passengers will experience the first at-sea bar and new waterfront-restaurant with an extensive range of wine over 120 bottles and choice of Asian cuisines, order your choice using an iPad. Treat yourself with Dolce Gelato ice cream aboard and be entertained with their multi-level sports complex, walk the plank extending 8 feet over and casino gambling at-sea. Norwegian Escape is the best escapade with Norwegian Cruise Line.
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#4 Carnival-Carnival Vista
Top 5 Best Cruises for 2016-Carnival Vista
After 4 years a new ship will hit the sea from Carnival Cruise Line. Hop on board and ride with Carnival Vista that can accommodate as much as 3,954 passengers to set sail in November 2016. Roam around the cruise on top with their SkyRide, a pedal-powered ride that will let you view the shipcraft in high perspective. It’s the first ever cruise with IMAX as their on board entertainment. Treat yourself on an amazing ride with this fun and adventurous cruise line.
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Top 5 Best Cruises for 2016-Explorer#3 Regent Seven Seas-Explorer
The new ship to add up in the fleet of Regent Seven Seas cruise line that carries 750 passengers will sail in July 2016. On board travelers will enjoy the view of the deceiving infinity pool at the ship’s stern and first ever at-sea spa, Canyon Ranch SpaClub. This includes infrared sauna and an aromatic steam room. It differs with its fleet for upgrade of 6 total on board restaurants serving French, Chartreuse and Asian inspired cuisines. These sum up to the goal of the ship as “Most luxurious ship ever built”.
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#2 Seabourn-Encore
Top 5 Best Cruises for 2016-Encore
You might not want to miss the on-board Restaurateur Thomas Keller famous dishes. Encore being the largest of its small-shipcraft family of Seabourn will carry 600 exclusive passengers; Who will experience high designed by another renowned designer, Adam Tihany. Scheduled to hit the ocean in December 2016. The elegant-luxurious cruise will provide every passenger the first-class experience, exclusive shopping with the chef and an evening under the stars or morning with the scenic sunrise 270 degrees view.
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Top 5 Best Cruises for 2016-Ovation of the Seas#1 Royal Caribbean-Ovation of the Seas
Of course, the number spot goes to the world’s largest cruise ship line, Royal Caribbean. As they will provide Ovation of the Seas in June 2016. Top of the line services are offered aboard with the new flying in air machine and 360 degrees view with their jewel-shaped capsule, North Star, located at the top of the ship. Improved and enhanced staterooms, spectacular aerial shows in venues while experiencing dynamic dining. These are only a few of their several on board activities and services. Dare to ride with the most awaited cruise-ride of the year.
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Cruise Lines keep improving annually. Imagine what they had fully prepared to offer tourists, this yearly one of a kind experience. Maybe you’ll say “If I am rich, I will set foot to all of these cruises!”. No worries, you’re not alone with that wishful thinking, because not everyone gets the opportunity or chance to ride on a cruise.

Remember the story of Titanic? Jack was just lucky to have won tickets over a game of Poker. Place your luck not by gambling, but by saving. Who knows? Maybe next year or one of these years, we’ll meet aboard.

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  1. Thank for this list: Top 5 Best Cruises for 2016
    I am looking forward to take my crush aboard in Explorer of Regent Seven Seas. I was enticed by its Infinity Pool after relaxing at their spa over mint tea. I am sure she’ll love the view and the calm atmosphere of the cruise.


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