Top 5 Best First Class on board

Top 5 Best First Class on board

We each have our own share of stories while on board. We have our own designated airlines to fly with. We also have our own preferences. But have you tried to move past your comfort zone? Beyond what you know as enough and rather have. We can actually spoil ourselves inflight. Yes, you can feel like a king, a queen, a prime minister or a president with the most exclusive cabin classes on board. In this article, we will be listing the Top 5 Best First Class on board.

Top 5 Best First Class on board-Lufthansa-First-Class#5 Lufthansa
Expect the exceptional with this airline’s First Class. Lufthansa will provide passengers the harmonious travel experience at a high level, both from the ground and while on board. Just so you know, on Skytrax, they have a five star rating and was recognized by their outstanding comfort and comprehensive inflight service. Tied along with their exclusive cabin are high-quality, delicious cuisines. Your First Class ticket doesn’t start and end within the aircraft. As soon as  you arrive at the airport, you’ll have your own personal assistant. They also provide Private Jet services to save yourself from the hassle of delayed and connecting flights.

#4 Cathay Pacific
Top 5 Best First Class on board-Cathay-Pacific-First-Class
Because we pay to have our privacy, with Cathay Pacific get a taste of the luxurious privacy from top-of-the-line facilities (StudioCX in-flight entertainment system, a 17 inch screen, BOSE  noise-cancellation headphones and of course tons of latest movies and TV shows for you to watch) to the dedicated culinary team which will prepare your meals. Aesop amenity kits are given along with a cozy sleep suit made out of 100% organic cotton that you can wear to have a comfortable sleep on board. In 2015, Cathay Pacific’s Business Class was also ranked as Top 3 by Skytrax’s World Airline Awards.

Top 5 Best First Class on board-ANA-All-Nippon-Airways-First-Class#3 ANA All Nippon Airways
For their esteemed First Class passengers their journey starts before flight with an exclusive check-in, with priority security check and the “First Class” tag will be issued at the baggage service. Unwinding for a moment in their lounge makes you want to stay there for good. For the main course, get the private space you are aiming for while being served with meals carefully selected by a connoisseur. Be indulged with their inflight entertainment while using their Sony headphones. Amenity kits are also given to ensure the  traveler’s pleasant journey and rest. In 2015, ANA All Nippon Airways’ Business Class was also ranked as Top 4 by Skytrax’s World Airline Awards.

#2 Singapore Airlines
Top 5 Best First Class on board-Singapore-Airlines-First-Class
Are you wondering what made Singapore Airlines achieve the second spot? To answer your queries, the airline has recently upgraded their cabin classes and, yes, it finally includes First Class. Now, passengers can enjoy their exclusive and private sanctuary with every facility’s exquisite detailing which are carefully crafted by the BMW Group to provide the luxurious ambience and experience in the sky. The bed length is 82 inches and reviewers said that it was the most spacious First Class they had ever ridden. In 2015, Singapore Airline’s Business Class was ranked as Top 1 by Skytrax’s World Airline Awards.

Top 5 Best First Class on board-etihad-airways-first-class#1 Etihad Airways
There’s no doubt why Etihad Airways was ranked as Top 1 with their First Class suite. This is because passengers are taken care of not only from the airport, but right before they arrive via Etihad chauffeur. With class and style, priority check-in, premium lounge with five-star dining experience and travelers can even be pampered prior to boarding with their Six Sense Spa. Another first.

At the first glance of their First Class cabin you’ll know it will be the most spacious and privacy-respected cabin, since the passengers get their own private apartment while on board. Everything was carefully prepared and selected. From the utensils, facilities and meals. It doesn’t feel like you are on an airplane while flying First Class with Etihad Airways, more like a hotel since the bathroom has a shower too.

You don’t actually have to pay thousands of euros just to fly First Class. There are several ways to fulfill your desire to try at least one of the mentioned airlines above. One of which is by using your extra mile points, second is by keeping updated with the airline’s deals and offers. Those are just a few ways on how to fly with style. Tune in to our next article.


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