Top 5 Foods in Cuba

Top 5 Foods in Cuba

Food has always been exciting and discovering the national foods and famous delicacies of each country had been one of the reasons why one traveller started an around-the-world tour. Have you heard of the country where there are vintage cars everywhere? Beautiful beaches and where the famous city Habana is located? If not, then you probably haven’t heard about Cuba more than hearing them from the list of the annual Miss Universe. Join me today as we make our stop in the Isle of Youth and devour the Top 5 Foods in Cuba.

Top 5 Foods in Cuba-Ropa Vieja#5 Ropa Vieja
First on our list doesn’t make you think it’s actually on the 5th spot since the name itself is Spanish for “Old Clothes”. This not-so-old cuisine is the one of the famous Cuban dishes which consists of shredded and braised beef stuffed with chorizo sausage, hard boiled eggs and plenty of healthy, tasty vegetables like onions, peppers and olives. Your perfect rice and beef lunch meal that will keep you stuffed all shift-long. Do you want to learn how to cook this heart of West Indian cuisine? Here’s the recipe, click here.

#4 Pernil Relleno (de Moros y Cristianos)
Top 5 Foods in Cuba-Pernil Relleno
It seems that people of Cuba love beef a lot, that ranking the 4th spot is another beef-made dish. Moros y Cristianos is one famous Cuban dish out of white rice and black beans, which are among the main ingredients in Cuban cuisine. Now, there is a great dish which is also made by using these ingredients, but inside a succulent, savory pork shoulder, seasoned with sour orange, garlic, and oregano一it is called Pernil Relleno. It is an excellent dish for dinner. Cook it on your own by following these steps, click here.

Top 5 Foods in Cuba-Tostones#3 Tostones
For all their pride of ownership, the Cubans can’t claim plantains as their native plant since they are used throughout Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. Plantains are very similar botanically to bananas, but have less sugar. Tostones are fried plantain (from the Spanish verb tostar which means “to toast”), where it is a popular side dish and snack in Cuba, sweet and savory, that’s economical and easy to make. Usually found in the streets or served as snacks in some restaurants as appetizer.

#2 Arroz con Pollo
Top 5 Foods in Cuba-Arroz con pollo
Of course, our second spot goes to a chicken dish. This chicken and rice recipe will sure wake your taste buds and make you crave for it daily. The rice for this dish is short-grained Valencia-style rice, the same as used for Paella, but unlike Paella, saffron is not traditionally used in Arroz con Pollo, although some people do. Instead, they use Annatto Oil, to give the yellow coloring expected in this dish. Sometimes you can find yellow rice already packaged. The recipe that’s fairly universal to most Cuban homes. Let me share you how it is done, click here.

Top 5 Foods in Cuba-Medianoche#1 Medianoche (Cubano Sandwich)
It takes a lot to be on the top. But with Medianoche, it was indeed a small effort to fully satisfy several tourists. A very famed type of Cuban sandwich is the Medianoche. The Medianoche consists of roast pork, Swiss cheese, ham, dill pickles and mustard. All these ingredients are the filling and it is warmed in a press inside crusty Cuban bread before serving. You can not miss this delicious sandwich that you’ll surely love even if you’re not a sandwich-lover type of person. This will make your system reconsider sandwiches, like your first step to sandwichood.

Some say that Cuba’s foods are pretty much similar to Philippines, maybe because they were both once occupied by the Spaniards and the tradition and culture lives on. Well, I guess Cuba and the Philippines have different uniqueness. Cubans don’t typically write their recipes down. Instead, they are passed down from generation to generation through stories and shared experiences. Take time to savor each of the Top 5 Foods in Cuba.


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  1. What really caught my attention was none other than the Top 1. The Cuban sandwich. It tastes like heaven, whoever invented this was an angel of Cuba. This is the main reason why I keep coming back to Cuba. Because their version are better than my homemade versions.


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