Top 5 Foods in Nigeria

Top 5 Foods in Nigeria

This week let us take you to gastronomy of several places you might not have heard of. Today’s stop is “Nigeria”. Like other West African cuisines, the Nigerian are best known for their food rich in herbs and spices with palm oil or groundnut oil to make a strong flavor with chili peppers. Not yet spiced up? One blogger even made a review about her experience with Nigerian food in a restaurant in Houston, Texas and she advise consumers that it’s still best to try Nigerian foods in a Nigerian house.

Advancely advising you to not judge the book by its cover! Here are the Top 5 Foods in Nigeria that you sure wanna try!

Top 5 Foods in Nigeria-Akara1. Akara
Akara, is basically a deep fried bean cake. This is similar to Kosai. *Akara (in the South) or Kosai (in the North). It is usually found on the roadside in Nigeria and also served during special occasions. This famous Nigerian breakfast snack is rich in Protein, since the recipe is composed of brown beans, onions and spices in vegetable oil. How to cook one? Here’s a link for you to have the exact Ingredients and Instructions, click here.

2. SuyaTop 5 Foods in Nigeria-Suya
Let’s get spiced up with Suya. Skewers of intricately spiced cuts of meat, grilled to perfection over an open flame. The specialty of the Northern Nigerian usually served with raw chopped onions in newspaper. If  you think it is just your average spicy barbecue, think again because it is well seasoned with hot spices, tomatoes and onions. However, the secret in achieving the best Suya is with the spice mix (Yaji), want to try? Click here, for the complete recipe.

Top 5 Foods in Nigeria-Moin Moin3. Moin Moin
Not a fan of beans? Not yet convinced with Akara? Well, your change of heart will start with Moin Moin. Yes, it’s beans again. Out of peeled Nigerian brown beans, bell pepper, onions, palm oil and spices steamed in banana leaves arise Moin Moin. Some local store add flaked fish, slice of hard boiled egg, corned beef to improve the taste. If it doesn’t sound so sumptuous, try making one first before neglecting this vegan dish! Click here, for the healthy recipe.

4. Jollof Rice
Top 5 Foods in Nigeria-Jollof Rice
If none of your Nigerian friends had cooked you this dish, then you should start asking that person grant your new cravings! Indeed, you must not miss this rice-based meal in Nigeria which was considered a prestigious meal. Your all-in-one bowl meal is a wombo combo. Obviously, Jollof is basically rice with tomato, pepper and onion the taste of which will depend on your preference. If you want to get hold on how it is done, click here.

Edikang Ikong5. Edikang Ikong
Seafood and vegetable lover? Then we are on the same page here. This dish is rich with iron from its based on Ugwu (a fluted pumpkin leaf) and Gbure (waterleaf) but if these leaves are not available spinach will be the best substitute. This dry leafy seafood-vegetable sauce is best served with pounded yam.

So there you have it the Top 5 Foods in Nigeria, if you’re not the spicy food lover type of traveler then I won’t still stop you on trying this world renowned Nigerian cuisines. Just make sure to bring lots of water with you. I am sure it will be worth the risk.

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