Top 5 Foods in Sweden

Top 5 Foods in Sweden

In our previous article, we mentioned the unexpected delicious Top 5 Foods in Nigeria. Like the famous English writer, novelist and philosopher Aldous Huxley once said, “To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” We might be wrong again with our first impression of Sweden with just shining Volvos or whatever you might have known or believed about them. Let us dine out with some of the Top 5 Foods in Sweden and experience the gastronomy of the Land of the Midnight Sun and Northern Light!

Top 5 Foods in Sweden-Princesstårta1. Princesstårta
First timers and natives of Sweden had never stopped loving this color green marzipan dome cake, the famous cake of Sweden. So basically, it has layers of sponge cake, jam, and almond paste; to top that, it has plenty of whipped cream. If it sounds too sweet for you, then you are mistaken. Tthe Princesstårta is not too sweet nor too filling, it is ‘just enough or right’.  Simply, it is delicious and it’s always worth the try. This cake is mostly given in events as gifts to celebrants.

2. Västerbotten Cheese
Top 5 Foods in Sweden-Västerbotten-Cheese
For your info, this is not just a cheese. Yes, it is a cheese, infamous at some places, but it’s the known cheese of Swedish people. If France was renowned to be the “Cheese capital of the world” for its soft cheeses, Sweden might not have that title but they have a rare and versatile cheese that you can use in all-around cooking, baking or whatnot. It is actually firm with a bitter taste like parmesan and yes, it’s made from cow’s milk. Those who have tried eating this are satisfied with just bread and the cheese alone.

Top 5 Foods in Sweden-Flying Jacob3. Flying Jacob
Have you ever imagined mixing banana with chicken? Never heard of the recipe yet? Well, you should try Sweden’s Flying Jacob. It’s a chicken recipe which has banana as his partner. Just savour the idea of a chicken with soft and sweet bananas, crunchy and salty bacon pieces, plus nuts and creamy sauce. Travelers were even shocked that bananas can taste that delicately with chicken. That was merely the description of the Flying Jacob, it is still best if you’ll try it yourself. For a simplified recipe, click here.

Top 5 Foods in Sweden-Gravlax
Of course, who doesn’t love bacon? To love it more try the Bacon of the North which was considered as Sweden’s Best Food. Well, it consists of raw salmon, cured in salt, sugar and dill. To get an idea of the taste, it was said to be a cross between smoked salmon and sashimi. It’s beneficial in a way that is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals in which the salmon itself is a good source of Vitamins B6,  B12, magnesium and omega-3 which will promote joint health and aid in brain development and will reduce cardiovascular health risks. Tasty and healthy!

Top 5 Foods in Sweden-Smörgåstårta5.Smörgåstårta
When it comes to healthy food, then all you need is a cake. This is the cake that will not make you fat. Well, it is not literally a cake, it looks just like one though. But this sandwich cake is basically a huge multi-layered sandwich, filled with paté, sliced meats, smoked salmon, shrimp and then it’s covered in a good layer of something like crème fraîche and mayonnaise — decorated as above –and then served up in slices. I am still wondering why a list is showing that Smörgåstårta is part of the most terrible Swedish foods. I don’t think so.

There you have it, the famous Top 5 Foods in Sweden. If appearances alone make them look appealing and mouthwatering, what more if eaten? Omnomnom! Feel free to share your Sweden experience below!


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  1. Princesstårta, I tried baking this cake at home and I had to admit its better at Sweden ): I wish I could get back there and ask someone personally to teach me how to make it as accurate as the Swedish does it. Smörgåstårta is also one of the gastronomy i love about Sweden, very healthy! I wonder how it is done.


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