Top 5 Infamous Airline Scandals

Top 5 Infamous Airline Scandals

“Tell me what you want to hear. Something that will light those ears. Sick of all the insincere. So I’m gonna give all my secrets away.” These lyrics were part of the song “Secrets” by OneRepublic.

In this article, that line taken from the song will pretty much give you a heads up of today’s topic. This will light our ears, something you would want to hear and know and you’ll get sick of all the insincere. Now, we’re going to give all their secrets away with the Top 5 Infamous Airline Scandals.

Top 5 Infamous Airline Scandals-British-Bareways#5 British BAREways – British Airways
First on our list is actually kind of sensitive. The airline was known for a controversial scandal, when there was an alleged photo of a stewardess lifting their skirts and lying in overhead lockers in evocative poses, these images went viral in 2010 and even ended up on porn sites.

When the British Airways side was asked, they only said: “They were never intended to get out and it would never have occurred to the girls they would end up on a porn site.” However, the airline remains tight-lipped with the issue and often dodges the allegation by saying “There is no evidence that the subjects of the shots actually worked for the airline – they may just be wearing BA uniforms”. Then BA, what can you say about the complete uniform with cravats and surprisingly similar aircraft, what a perfect impersonation isn’t it?

#4 Ignorance of Special Assistance – S7 Airlines

Top 5 Infamous Airline Scandals-Pavel Obiukh
Pavel Obiukh

Where in the earth are visually impaired and disabled persons not allowed to fly with an airline. A Perspektiva member of the regional non-governmental organization of people with disabilities, Mr. Pavel Obiukh, was all settled to fly with S7 Airlines in February 2009 but wasn’t allowed to board for the reason he was visually impaired which he told to the airline prior the booking. An almost similar case happened to the same airline another member of Perspektiva, Ms. Natalia Prisetskaya who uses a wheelchair and was denied access too.

Due to these instances, S7 Airlines was punished by the court to pay 50,000 rubles in compensation, as well as a fine for the company: a further 25,000 roubles, with half of that to be paid to the Consumers’ Confederation.

Top 5 Infamous Airline Scandals-Jim French-Flybe
Jim French

#3 CEO makes you RICH – Flybe
Flybe CEO Mr. Jim French had turned the tables when he turned the regional carrier into a major player in the European aviation market, but suddenly stepped down in 2001 after serving Flybe for more than 20 years. Sounds suspicious right? Moreover, after stepping down, he was replaced with immediate effect by Simon Laffin and the airline is prepared to announce half-year by next week. Something’s not right.

In 2005, Jim French was given an interest-free, unsecured loan of £1 million from the main shareholder Rosedale Aviation Holdings in order to buy a property in London, wherein he reportedly spends much time on business. The hot item here is his £1 million-flat house which floated on the London Stock Exchange in late 2010. This house was alleged to be located in Belgravia, wherein the loan is repayable when he sells his shares in the company. The prospectus also revealed that French walked away with a £715,000 pay package for the 2009-2010 financial year. This is an obvious reason to quit.

#2 Pilots Faked Resumé – Henan Airlines
Top 5 Infamous Airline Scandals-henan-airlines
After the incident that killed 42 out of 96 people on board at Henan Airlines Flight 8387 route Harbin Taiping International Airport to Yichun Lindu Airport — both located in Heilongjiang province, China — the investigation found out more than what they needed for the case. 200 pilots were caught falsifying their flying histories, half of them even serving the parent company, airline involved in the recorded “Worst Plane Crash in China”. It is never safe to cheat, especially when the life of a human is at risk.

This was an almost similar case with a 32-year old Italian man who faked his identity as “Andrea Sirlo” to obtain a free ride in the cockpit of Lufthansa jets. He reportedly told the police officer during hearing that he was a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie “Catch Me If You Can”.

Top 5 Infamous Airline Scandals-Jeff Smisek
Jeff Smisek

#1 Jeff Smisek – United Airlines
Who hasn’t heard of this big scandal by the former CEO of United Airlines? And yes, he was forced to resign due to this ignominy Jeff Smisek had made. What’s the real deal? Well, since he was appointed as the leader of the world’s fourth largest airline in 2010 (following the merge of Continental Airlines with United Airlines), he started sucking the financial blood of the company by targeting the workers’ wages which were left questionable, as these employees were never even raised; even the productivity of the airline is obviously rising from time to time. This was only noticed around 2013 and 2014 when the United Airline’s service was questioned and several employee dissatisfaction arose.

Remember! “When you choose an action, you choose the consequences of that action. When you desire a consequence you had damned well better take the action that would create it.” This line was said by Lois McMaster Bujold. The hills have eyes, are these just rumors and false allegations? Feel free to be the judge.


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