Top 5 Most Creative Giant Statues in the World

Top 5 Most Creative Giant Statues in the World

In our country there are actually several statues or monuments of our national heroes, saints or mementos of a significant person. But did you know that there are also some other giant statues placed all over the earth which are creatively and uniquely sculptured to attract tourists? Yes. In this article, we will give the list of the Top 5 Most Creative Giant Statues in the World!

Top 5 Most Creative Giant Statues in the World-Black_Ghost_Lithuania#5 “Juodasis Vaiduoklis” Black Ghost
If you are into horror, this one sure will make you laugh. However, if you are the scaredy cat type of person best advice is to see this unique but not-so-creepy structure when the sun is still up. In Klaipeda, Lithuania, the attraction wasn’t just built out of the blue, of course there’s a story about the “Black Ghost” and it certainly not related to the “Dementor” in Harry Potter.

In 1595 one of the Memel castle guards had seen a hooded ghostly figure while walking around the docks. This “black ghost” asked him if the supply of grain and timber was sufficient, the guard replied by saying “Supplies were indeed enough”, but the hooded creature said that it won’t last long or would soon be insufficient, and suddenly disappeared. Because of that, famine was avoided. The messenger ghost that saved countless lives.

#4 Mr. Darcy
Top 5 Most Creative Giant Statues in the World-Mr_Darcy
Hold your horses Pride and Prejudice 1995 fans, since Britain’s Lyme Park had made your dreamy Mr. Darcy immortalized not as a life form but as a statue. Well, the structure was made in the lake in Lyme Park to show a replica of the famous scene in the movie, where Mr. Darcy emerged from the lake dripping wet and unexpectedly met Elizabeth Bennett, while being damp. That infamous scene of the movie which wasn’t actually written in Jane Austen’s famous novel had made her books more popular in a wrong way.

The statue had received several feedback online which include being joked as “Tide and Prejudice” and they were actually hoping for the “Matthew Macfadyen” though the scene was not present in the 2005 readaptation of the novel. To see a documentary video, click here.

Top 5 Most Creative Giant Statues in the World-Giant_Woman_Lying_in_a_Photo_Booth#3 Giant Woman Lying in a Photo Booth
Just how desperate is this woman to take a picture? Oh wait, isn’t she too oversized to fit in the photo booth? Kidding aside. This crazy-eye catching structure found in London, England was made famous since it became world-renowned from Imgur, Pinterest and YouTube by random tourists. I think she drastically needs a picture. To better explain, the purpose of this giant lady was actually to promote the “London Ink”, a reality show on Discovery Channel. Well, this lady is not alone in her modelling career since she is assisted by a swimmer who was stuck as well, not in a photobooth, but swimming through grass. Such hardship.

#2 Life sized Gundam
Top 5 Most Creative Giant Statues in the World-Gundam_Diver_City_Tokyo
In celebration of the Gundam’s 30th anniversary on July 11, 2009, rose the 18-meter or 59-foot tall Gundam which was shut down. But since it attracted over 4.5 million visitors in its initial display, it was brought back in Shizuoka, the place of Bandai manufacturers in 2011. Now, the sole purpose of the life sized RG 1/1 RX-78-2 Ver. GFT Gundam is to raise money following the tsunami that had devastated Japan. It is now popularly located at Gundam Front Tokyo in the Diver City shopping center. This structure alone was even listed as one of the reasons why foreigners badly want to visit Japan, just to take a selfie with this Gundam.

Top 5 Most Creative Giant Statues in the World-Marilyn_Monroe#1 Forever Marilyn
The 84-year old artist, Seward Johnson was behind this 26-foot tall sculpture of Marilyn Monroe found in Chicago, Illinois. The sculpture was finished around 2011 and is made of stainless steel and aluminum, weighs 32,000 pounds and can withstand winds of up to 150 mph. Now, the sculpture has been taken to The Seward Johnson Atelier for restoration. Just facts, the pose was actually famous from the film “The Seven Year Itch” in 1955 with co-star Tom Ewell.

Well, the Statue of Liberty and Christ the Redeemer weren’t mentioned in this article because they are world-renowned statues which majority of the world population might have known by now. But I hope you did enjoy this list of fun facts and structures. I am looking forward to meet you in one of the Top 5 Most Creative Giant Statues in the World. Sure, the world has a lot of richness bound to be discovered.

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  1. I am actually a Naruto fan, and I know that your featured images is the valley of death where naruto and sasuke fought before they parted ways.
    Anyway, awesome review, I am still dreaming on going to Tokyo just to see that bad-ass gundam T_T


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