Top 5 Shipwrecks Frozen in Time

Top 5 Shipwrecks Frozen in Time

As one of the greatest Polish-British and English writers, Joseph Conrad, had said “The sea has never been friendly to man. At most it has been the accomplice of human restlessness.” He is right about that. Since the sea had taken several in no time. No we are not telling you about gruesome stories or emotional tales about lives taken by the sea. In this article we gathered the Top 5 Shipwrecks Frozen in Time.

MV Bianca C
Top 5 Shipwrecks Frozen in Time-MV Bianca C

Known as the “Titanic of the Caribbean”. The largest shipwreck to be explored which is 50 m under water is found in St George’s Harbor, Grenada. In 1961, an explosion occurred in the engine room, when the ship was at port, after two days of burning, the ship was towed from the harbor and sank. Bianca C is the key site to visit when talking about scuba diving in Grenada. The history of this most interesting submerged wreck in the Caribbean pique the interest of the divers and tourists.

RMS Umbria
Top 5 Shipwrecks Frozen in Time-RMS Umbria

The most talk about Italian shipwreck which is usually described by divers as “The best shipwreck in the world”. Why? Because it’s always at its original condition. Prior to sinking in 1911 the ship was actually introduced as a cruise ship and was eventually purchased by Italy for ferry troops to East African colonies. The pretty much explains the origin of the name (Umbria, an Italian region).

It was found by the British troops through the Second World War, filled with arms and explosives. However as Italy had not declared war presently the ship could not be captured. With Italy’s declaration of war the ship’s captain destroyed the ship with 360,000 bombs on board.

RMS Rhone
Top 5 Shipwrecks Frozen in Time-RMS Rhone

The not so popular shipwreck yet undeniably one of the most visited diving site located off the coast of Salt Island, British Virgin Islands. How it sank? It was during the San Narciso hurricane  (the last of Atlantic Hurricane season) in October 1867 wherein only 23 crew members survived and leaving the rest of 123 people buried 25 m underwater. The ship used to be the UK Royal Mail Ship owned by the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company (RMSP).

Top 5 Shipwrecks Frozen in Time-Rusalka

The name of the ship itself was actually originated from a water nymph or a female spirit in Slavic mythology and folklore. The term itself was commonly translated from Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian as “mermaid”. Moving forward, Rusalka is located 24 m deep in 1988 and was believed a spy ship since when it was found it possessed  electronic equipments like a communication mast, batteries and direction finder. It was actually a fishing trawler, and speculation rooted from the theories that Soviets preferred using commercial vessels to convert intelligence back in the 1950s.

Top 5 Shipwrecks Frozen in Time-Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes lies 20 feet underwater and continues to be visible and utterly intact even today. The best-preserved schooner is located 50 yards from the Tub Harbor in the Georgian Bay of Lake Huron, since the sunken story of the Canadian ship happened when it was towed to Big Tub Harbour for a repair in 1885. Prior to being nowadays the most picturesque shipwreck in the world, it was built in 1867 and was mainly used to transport coal for eighteen years.

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So if you are a diving enthusiast, this is your time to shine. Grab a pen and paper and take notes, list down these Top 5 Shipwrecks Frozen in Time on your diving destinations list.

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