Airfarewatchdog Review

The word “watchdog” is mainly used in the world of media and journalism. Individuals who practice Watchdog journalism should be alert, critical thinkers, technical savvy and skilled in information dissemination. The same attributes apply to travel agencies. Airfarewatchdog seems to […]


Wotif Review

Some people are enticed by the promising results from establishing travel agencies. Thousands of people are engaged in the travel industry hoping to make an impression, most of those people aren’t able to make it through a year. With the […] Review

Most of the operations within travel agencies are the same, establish connections with travel companies. Create a bridge to connect travel companies to travelers. The difference lies on the level of performance, whether the company remains active or stays passive. […]


Bookingbuddy Review

Liars, scammers, tricksters and fraud, these are some of the hurtful words customers include in their online comments. It’s not really the end of the world for agencies hearing these words rather being targeted by these words. Bookingbuddy Bookingbuddy is […]


Orbitz Review

To be effective worldwide is the main goal of Travel agencies. Most agencies find it hard to operate even in a local domain, imagine the level of difficulty once they go worldwide. There are agencies who manage to operate around […]


Justfly Review

Is it necessary for travel agencies to provide background information about their company? Most of them include an about us page with complete background information, number of employees, awards and other details. Is this relevant? Since most customers only care […]


Flightstats Review

Travel agency’s these days are having a difficult time because they’re becoming more crowded in the industry. More competitors more challenges, more competitors less customers.  It’s tough right now for agency’s, the best way to cope is to probably initiate […]


FlightHub Review

Travelers are hoping for their flight experience to go as smoothly as possible with no drama, no lost baggage, no snoring seatmates and most of all no frustrations from travel agencies. It would be unfortunate if they had to deal […]


Expedia Review

The inclination of development is rampant for each travel agency in the industry. Everyone wants to get and stay ahead. There are some agencies who manage to earn millions and still are not able to claim the throne. Establishment According […]