The Problematic Traveler

You know how people say, “you should travel; traveling is one of the best things in life; don’t miss out on it.” The best getaway isn’t always that perfect, one small problem might eventually lead another and then, you’ll have […]


Perks of Traveling Alone

There are people who travel with someone and those who travel solo. Which is better? I guess there’s really no answer for this question since people have different interests and opinion. Traveling is an urge that enters our life anytime. […]


Mystifying Natural Phenomena

There are some things in this world that can’t be explained, it’s not that bad actually. Wonder and questions provide more sparks in our life. Science has been providing accurate observations about phenomena for years to help humanity comprehend natural […]


Superstitions around the World

Despite of the rampant modernization of the world these days and with the presence of Science people start to understand the world better. However, no matter the innovation and discoveries, people still preserve certain beliefs and practices from the past, […]


Exotic foods around the World

People love eating, each and everyone of us has our own favorite food, burger, burrito, pasta, etc. We tend to eat the food that is familiar to us, call it the comfort zone of eating if you may. People eat […]


National Animals of Nations

Most countries have their own national animal to serve as a symbol, not a mascot. How many national animals do you know? Here are some countries and their national beasts. USA – The Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) This majestic bird […]