Travel guide to Hong Kong

Millions of travelers fly to Hong Kong to indulge in the many tourist attractions the city has to offer. Hong Kong was ranked 59th out of 100 travel destinations on Traveleye and 23rd out of 25 on Tripadvisor.

The ideal period to visit Hong Kong is from September to February for that mild and pleasant climate. So keep this in mind, especially when you’re not a fan of the searing hot weather or heavy rain.

Now let’s enumerate some of the best features in the port city of Hong Kong.

largeFirst off, it’s what some people call “The happiest place on earth,” Hong Kong DisneyLand. It’s a magical place where you’ll see your favorite Disney characters come to life. Thousands of people visit the theme park Penny’s bay at Lantau Island daily. The park is divided into seven islands – Adventureland, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, Toy Story Land, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Main Street, U.S.A.

disneland-hong-kong-ridesThe amusement park rides are undoubtedly amazing, they have Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, Mystic Magneto-Electric Carriage, Orbitron, Space Mountain and more, so much more. Wait for the sunset and be mystified by the ignition of decorative lights enveloping the entire park. This would be a great experience for all ages especially the kids. Visit their website by clicking here.

large (1)After a day of magic, indulge in a day of amazement at the Ocean Park Hong Kong. Another theme park in Hong Kong, only this time water’s involved and aquatic creatures take the center stage. Ocean Park Hong Kong offers a variety of attractions from the Ocean theatre, shark aquarium, cable car rides, pandas, arctic fox, etc. Amazing features equals unlimited fun! The theme park also operates innovative technology and interactive shows to educate the visitors. The park opened in 1977 and have been a source of excitement ever since. For more information click here.

DN250214_NgongPing360_HKTBThe most famous attraction of all is the spectacular Peak Tower or as most people call it, “The Peak” in the Victoria Peak mountain. The Peak is the highest point in Hong Kong, standing 428 m or 1404.2 ft from the ground. Everyone in this world should get the chance to gaze upon the majestic city from the top. The view from above shows skyline of the city and the sublime vista of green hills surrounding the city.

For photographic memories, explore the entire city and take a picture with their many landmarks.

large (3)The Clock Tower in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon is a great checkpoint for your tour. The fascinating tower is built with granite and red bricks, the bell can be found inside the tower.



po-lin-buddha-viewNext stop is the Po Lin Monastery, a buddhist temple with a unique architectural design, well-thought interior design and decorative ornaments. There are three bronze buddha statues in the monastery that represents his past, present, and future life. Another great landmark of Hong Kong is the Tian Tan Buddha statues near the monastery that overlooks the city and provide a calming essence throughout the land. The monastery’s handmade wooden bracelets are said to be amazing and carries a lot of sentimental values, make sure to get one as a souvenir.

night3To experience one of the best of the Hong Kong spirit, stroll around the Temple Street Night Market at night of course. After the sunlight fades away, the vendors, fortune tellers, artisans and opera singers prepare for business in the market. It would only take a single visit here for you to buy all the souvenirs you need to give your family and friends back home. It’s a handicraft paradise for quality products. The night market is also a place to have a taste of Hong Kong. Noodles, fried shrimps, grilled squids, claypot rice, and more are sold along the market.

DN250214_NgongPing360_HKTBFor a unique way of touring the city, engage on the Ngong Ping 360. This tour includes a cable car ride that elevates you from the ground and set the beautiful setting of the Lantau Island from above. The natural beauty of mountainside and the small Ngong Ping village awaits you. Explore the small village full of shops and eateries. After that climb aboard the Crystal Cabin once more and travel the same path you took, only this time, the sun is about to go down and it sets a radiant image on the sky.

Did you notice that most of the attractions in Hong Kong offers a great view of the sunset?

Madame-Tussauds-46722If you want to meet some of the biggest stars in the world may it be for movie, politics, music and entertainment, visit the Madame Tussauds wax figure museum. Take a picture with lifelike figures of the King of Pop Michael Jackson, China’s action star Jackie Chan and world famous rock band the Beatles.

After a long day, pretty sure you’ve worked up quite an appetite, here are some of the best eating spots in the city.

pic_landmarkEnjoy authentic Chinese cuisine at the biggest floating restaurant in the world, the Jumbo Kingdom. They serve amazing dishes like flamed drunken shrimp, steamed fresh garoupa, braised dried abalone and more. The restaurant serves authentic and great Hong Kong flavors.

For an amazing dining experience, visit the Din Tai Fung restaurant in Causeway Bay. This place is great for families due to its homey ambiance, the menu honors the great Chinese cuisine. Dumplings, Shanghai soup, pork buns, shrimp and pork wontons, cucumber salad, pork chop fried rice, and other amazing dishes served daily.

If you’re on a budget and you like to eat noodles, then the perfect spot to eat is at the Noodle House Ippei-An in Tsim Sha Tsui. Large helpings of pirikara ramen, corner boiled noodles, curry ramen, misoramen and Chinese noodles are served here daily.

Did you get an urge to travel after reading this article and looking at the pictures? Hong Kong should be in your travel bucket list, the city will reward you with great memories.

Going back to the ranking on Traveleye and Tripadvisor, do you guys think Hong Kong deserves those rankings, 59th on Traveleye and 23rd on Tripadvisor? Do tells us your thoughts!


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