Travelation Reviews

Travelation Reviews

Get the exalted feeling of pride with Travelation. “Save money, Rest easy” is stated on their hotel reservation page, wherein “Save a bundle” is on the car rental page. This is a lot to offer just with the headings. Let us see if they really provide the Joy of Travel!

Travel the nations with Travelation?

Travelation was started in 2005 and the head office is in San Diego, California. Running 201-500 employees. The Chief Executive Officer is Mr. Michael Thomas. Basically, Travelation is a combination of two words; Travel and Elation. Elation means great happiness and exhilaration.

There’s not much history shown about Travelation, not even in Wikipedia. This is sort of fishy! Can’t even find an appropriate image of Michael Thomas, the name itself is too general.

Elation Website and Mobile app

pageOnce you go to Travelation, a pop-up image shows and will offer call assistance by their experienced travel agents giving you the unpublished fares for their customers. A $20 off code is given to be used to avail the offer upon calling their agents’ toll free number which works 24/7.

The website allows customers to select location, desired country, depart date, return date, choose their class and how many people they are traveling with. Once you fill everything out, all that’s left is to hit Search Flights. In this Travelation Review we tried searching flights, though what bothers us most is the pop-up is keeps showing and it’s starting to be very annoying.

After searching, the sTravelation Reviews-mobile appearch result page allows customers to narrow their options with price, duration, departure time, return time and select airlines.

Aside from booking flights, Travelation lets customers book hotel reservations and car rentals. When you scroll down, the website provides email subscriptions, live chat support and promotes domestic/international deals.

The Travelation’s Mobile app feature lets customers search flights, flight records, check flight alert and status, customer support and airline information. The mobile app is ready to be downloaded in App Store and Google Play Store.

Travelation Reviews of Consumers

Travelation is getting a really bad reputation, for it was labeled as a SCAM. This ain’t a nice statement to have attached to your name. Though a recent comment rang a bell when the reviewer said:

“Initially booked a flight with Travelation, only for the flight company to be asking me for more money which resulted in my flight cancellation when I refused to pay more money. I’m hoping I will not get the same bad experience the next time.”

Now I am starting to wonder if other positive Travelation reviews are legit or just made up.
logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:       
  • Contact Number:           +877 245 8620
  • Contact Email:     

Travelation Reviews-warningDO NOT use Travelation!

In this Travelation review, this online travel search engine might be a scam and we don’t know. One thing that’s bothering me, Travelation is not responding to comments and complaints.. What’s with the prompt customer service assistance and 24/7 toll free number if no one answers customer’s concerns? You make the judgement.

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  1. I made a mistake on my sons middle name and needed it corrected. I called and spoke to an agent to correct the name only had to move two letters around (joesph) to (joseph). Just two letters cost me $575.00 why some people extra $50.00 just to change an entire name but I only needed two lousy letters??to do so. but me over $500.00. just two letter?


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