Travelers on a budget

Some people find it hard to travel because of having limited funds. Money plays a vital role when traveling, you can enjoy your trip more with the right amount of cash.

Before traveling you have to consider your expenditures and plan ahead.

Here are some of the best budget destinations in the world. It’s not actually cheap, it’s affordable.

boracay-cottagePhilippines – This particular southeast Asian country is home to the best beaches in the world and a very diverse cuisine. Millions of foreigners visit the country for vacation yearly. You don’t need a huge amount of money to enjoy your stay there. Money needed for transportation, food and places to stay isn’t that expensive. Philippines has the most exotic cuisine you will ever taste.

fjIndia – India is a very dynamic country with different features. This country practices that idea of Quality over Quantity. You can enjoy the finest things in India and it won’t cost you a lot. Go on a shopping spree or ride their first class train, most of the things or services being sold are affordable therefore reasonable.

great-barrier-reef-diving-18788_1024x679Great Barrier Reef – Hard to believe but this particular destination is ideal for a traveler on a budget. The Great Barrier Reef consists of the biggest coral reef system in the world. It would be advisable to bring your own underwater gear so you don’t have to rent equipments. There are several hotels with affordable reservation fees like Cairns gateway resort or Reef resort Mackay.

imageBarcelona – If you want to explore Spain, then Barcelona is the first place to start. So many historical sites scattered all over are available to the public for free. Stroll the streets of the city and then order affordable meals from La Pimpa, Tapes Tapas  and La Barra. Barcelona is perfect for foodies and art aficionados.

APCAMEL_2797442bEgypt – This country appeals to individuals who has a certain passion for historical sites and deep history about mankind. Bargaining with vendors is active in Egypt all the time, so if you’re pretty good at convincing people to lower the price then you’re going to save a lot of money and at the same time enjoy the experience. You must be able to navigate your direction well if you don’t want to get lost. Hotels, inns and motels in Egypt  are very affordable with unique features.

Fiji-46699Fiji– Most of the pacific island destinations may cost a traveler a lot of money to cover up their whole itinerary. The tropical paradise of Fiji offers the best seafoods in the world and underwater adventures. It’s better to stock up with food and supplies before visiting mainlands. The Yasawa island in Fiji offers different activities like hiking, boat trips, kayaking and swimming with Manta Rays.

p015w6lzThailand – Visit the most unique Buddhism temples in the world and indulge to a wide menu of street food. Thailand is filled with tourist attractions that would make your travel experience memorable. Lifestyle in Thailand is simple and the culture is very diverse, getting to know the Thai people will be the highlight of your trip. Just a piece of reminder, you don’t need to be picky, make the most out of what you’ve got.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy the wonders of traveling. Sometimes the key to a great travel experience is knowing where to go. Besides, traveling is not about luxurious hotels, shopping malls and prestigious museums. It’s about the story of each individual as he/she explores the world around him/her.


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  1. I think Taiwan and Malaysia should be in this article. The food, transportation and hotel reservations is very cheap. There are also a lot of promo for flight deals to these destinations.


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