Travelgrove Reviews

Travelgrove Reviews

​Finding the cheapest airfare online is not an easy thing to do nowadays especially with all the untrusted sites that keep showing up every now and then. Some are showing a reasonable price and others are just too low to be true. This leaves you in doubt to which company should you book. Let us see if Travelgrove is one of the legit or fake ones.

Mr. Peter Suhayda, had his first serious attempt to start a company and that happened in 2004, with the birth of Travelgrove. Prior to that Mr. Suhayda was a Logistics Executive at L’etoile Pte Ltd. and an intern at Avnet. This makes Travelgrove a fully owned outsourcing company. He believed that in controlled growth, quality assurance is right while the financial remains strong. The growth they sacrifice will pay off later.

I tried to navigate Travelgrove as a first time user of the site. I was not really that pleased with Travelgrove’s layout and performance, every time I clicked on something it feels forever loading the next page, like a click and wait process. However the features of Travelgrove let customers to search and compare airfares, hotel reservations, vacation packages, cruises and car rentals.
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The sub-function of Travelgrove inspires travelers to more deals, tips and travel guides to places they might want to visit. Forum section allows customers to start a travel related topic and the Blog section motivates travel enthusiasts to learn more about some undiscovered scenic views worldwide.

The left hand of Travelgrove boosts customers’ control of the page with Facebook Twitter and Feedback. Customers have the option by clicking their social media accounts of either Facebook or Twitter. Feedback tab is where travelers gets to send a suggestion or a complaint about the interface or their service.

The language selector on the top right is only showing an option change the site to English and Spanish. So just in case you want other versions of their site, here is the list:

Searching for results with Travelgrove is powered by results with Expedia, DealBase, AsapTickets, TripAdvisor, Priceline, CheapAir and FareGeek. This is actually considered as “cybersquatting”, where this process was the main reason why customers hate other online travel meta search engine.

According to the federal law of United States: Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, Cybersquatting (also known as domain squatting) is registering, trafficking in, or using an Internet domain name with bad faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else. I hope Travelgrove is aware of this law.

I was actually looking for an actual customer reviews by Travelgrove consumer but whenever I tried to look for one, the ones showing are their paid sponsored reviews such as with vagabondish and livingthedream. I wonder why customers actual reviews are nowhere to be found. Maybe something’s not right here or no one tried using Travelgrove? Just so you know this is NOT a paid-sponsored review.
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Contact Information

  • Website URL:                      
  • Contact number:                           1-877-834-5825
  • Contact Email:                     
  • Head Office Address:                   1802 N Carson St. #212, Carson City, Nevada 89701, USA

Advice to Revise
After scanning through other Travelgrove reviews as well. I am really disappointed with the online travel agency’s overall service. Maybe they might make a better service if they will independently search for the best results. However they need to update first the layout of their page followed by sole search for cheap airfare and vacation deals. Check out our other online travel agencies reviews. Feel free to leave a comment below.


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  1. My cousin and I booked with Travelgrove, all went well EXCEPT for the hidden charges shown in my bank statement from them. And when I called them, they weren’t even sure what are those $3.99 charges.

  2. Seems like spice island for me, I am looking forward to try the Jollof Rice or the Moin Moin, I am not a real fan of bean so i’ll go for the with-beans deceiving meals they offer.
    Keep writing about Gastronomy!

  3. Thanks for this really useful post ! SO I am use travelgrove affiliate program fom 2014. I think the program is good enough, but any time I would contact by email and wish to know when they will paid my comissions, .. there is no answer at all… So I think this is a fake afiliate program to growing travelgrove Empire.. I am so disppointed 🙁


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