Travelnuts Reviews

Travelnuts Reviews

Travelnuts Reviews-Federico Menapace
Federico Menapace

Travelnuts is one of the new American travel startups mentioned in a random list online. The name of the company caught my attention and that’s the main reason why I am writing a review about them. Initially, Travelnuts was founded by Federico Menapace together with his co-founder Luca Beltrami on the 1st of November 2013, wherein Federico stands as the CEO of the online hospitality site.

What is Travelnuts

Travelnuts is about connecting hotels with their guests beyond booking a room. A consumer who loves planning trips without the hassle of booking with separate sites and hotels, who sees beyond the ordinary is the company’s source of business. Because, they believe that after booking, a relationship between the customer and the hotels is built.

How do they stand out? Well, they have different categories of their services, as for tours, activities, and tourist attractions. Unlike other travel agencies, they build themselves up buying their own brands and sourcing their own inventory. But, with Travelnuts, they work directly with hotels.
Travelnuts Reviews-pageTo make it clearer, Travelnuts connects hotels and guests to all activities and extras available in and around the hotel through a mobile-compatible e-commerce platform. This process is called “outsourcing.” Travelnuts is not an online travel agency where travelers can search and book for their hotel reservations. Travelnuts is about assisting hotels directly to help them in focusing on their core business and increasing their revenue and service level.

mobile appThey have two kinds of product or engagement services, which are: Booking Engine and Pre-trip Email. The Travelnuts booking engine is a service where they will handle all direct room and extra booking for hotels. On the other hand, pre-trip email collects important check-in information for guests.

Travelnuts also has social media accounts that you can reach at:

Deez Nuts! Travelnuts Reviews of Customers!

Travelnuts gains by charging its client (hotels) starting at a $1 per room monthly subscription fee. Their mobile app might be available in the App store and Google play store, but users who already downloaded the app or availed their services keep saying Travelnuts is not as delightful as it sounds. One seminar attendee even says “They are nuts!” Travelnuts reviews had been complaints and dislikes over them. Feel free to be the judge.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:           
  • Contact number:               (650) 798-7715
  • Contact Email:         
  • Fax Number:                      49 551 50766408
  • Head Office Address:       444 Townsend Street San Francisco, CA 94107 USA and
                                                  2627 Hanover Street Palo Alto, CA 94304 USA


Since Travelnuts is just a new travel startup, evidently there are no Travelnuts reviews found anywhere. However, I am still not comfortable with how their company works. The aim of this kind of outsourcing business is to take away the online travel agency’s ideas and assistance. Online travel agencies take travelers to choose from different cheaper hotel reservations, but with Travelnuts, they’ll just assist them to one hotel because it’s their clientele.

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