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If you look at it, travel services are generally products being sold by someone. In selling, promotion and advertisement plays an essential part. A little background in filming and video editing is enough to make a commercial, the point of these commercials isn’t only to entertain but also make an appeal.

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Gnome-at-SossusvleiTravelocity has a pretty interesting advertising campaign, they call it “The Roaming Gnome.” The main concept is for the gnome to travel from one place to another. Upon viewing some of their commercials online, it’s safe to say that their promotion is going well. However, everything still depends on the service they provide.

Travelocity is a product brand of Sabre Corporation, the establishment of the subsidiary was in 1996. Just like most travel sites, Travelocity offers flight deals, hotels, vacation packages and land transportation services.

Service Satisfaction

There are claims that Travelocity is one of the elites in the travel industry. Will online reviews support that statement?


On, the company got a 42% out of 100% thumbs up rating and a 6 out of 10 star rating on There seems to be a collision of good and bad reviews.


Some customers say that their price rates are affordable and reasonable, while others are frustrated about sudden price increases. This one lady was surprised to receive a call from Travelocity saying that an additional fee is required, she was ready to finalize everything including payment. She was mad of course and promised to never use Travelocity again.

Their refund system seems to have a hole in it. They promise immediate refunding as long as the customer provided proof of his/her cancellation. However, some customers were unhappy when Travelocity refused to honor their refund request and tell them to contact the airline directly.

Building up to that last statement, their customer service representatives were bashed by reviews for being unreliable.

Luckily, there were positive reviews to favor Travelocity for distributing impressive services and credible deals.


Their website is easy-to-use so booking travel reservations is a breeze. Other than travel products, they also help travelers look for activities according to their destination. So all in all, the entire itinerary of travelers can be managed through their website.

Mobile Application


Companies who find success in their initial years of service tend to establish better connectivity, meaning, their own mobile application.

The general setting of booking flights on the website applies to the mobile application. Customers can easily book their flights using their smartphones. Having the app downloaded on your smartphone is kinda like subscribing to their company. Updates about hot deals are distributed to customers via their smartphone.

Customer service

They provide phone support and email support for customers with concerns. A set of information like booking flights, canceling flights and more are included on their support page.


Another piece of information, Expedia owns Travelocity, the merging of the two companies was announced in August, 2013.

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The current status of Travelocity these days is actually common to most travel agencies. There will always be negative reviews no matter what. But the company seems to be doing just fine, of course there’s always room for improvement.

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