Travelopod Reviews

Travelopod Reviews

TravelPod is different from Travelopod; the similarity in name and travel informs that the difference of the two independent and unrelated companies lies between their functionality. TravelPod is an online service which allows users to create travel blogs, wherein Travelopod is an online travel site which helps customers search and book for their travelling needs such as flights, vacations, hotels, trip planner, insurance, and even corporate travel.

Travelopod Reviews-Ritu Panesar
Ritu Panesar

In this article, will be talking about Travelopod’s efficiency. So, just in case you are planning to book with Travelopod, I’ll advise you to read reviews first. This applies to all online travel sites.

Travelopod started as a home-based travel agency as “Ritz Travelz” in Portland, Oregon by Ritu Panesar. This idea sprouted from a thought of providing high-quality service and professionalism to the Indian immigrants living in the United States. Her brother later on joined her. Puneet Panesar, an expert in sales, training and accommodation, brought big changes to the company from 2005. Now, Ritz Travelz is known as “Travelopod,” and Ritu said, “Travel is not about airplanes, cruises, hotels etc. Travel is all about the memories one bring back home. Visiting family, experiencing new destinations, meeting new people and getting back together with folks is what travel is all about.”

Why Travelopod?

Travelopod Reviews-pageUnlike other travel sites, Travelopod is proud to share their Vision, Mission, and Core Values. Their vision is “To create brand value by delivering travel service excellence to each and every client served and to be highly productive, profitable and fast-moving organization.” while their mission is “To exceed our customers’ expectations for overall excellence and quality.” To learn more about them, click here.

Travelopod Reviews of Customers

Surprisingly, Trustpilot gave Travelopod an overall score of 9.5 out of 10 rating wherein it’s kind of doubtful why Travelopod is hiding their consumer’s complaints. We should be admitting our mistakes because with mistakes we learn our lessons. I think Ritu isn’t aware of healthy criticism. Travelopod reviews online are not even reliable.

Travelopod Reviews-not bbb accreditedAs we know, Travelopod is not a BBB-accredited company and there are recent complaints about their services, especially on refunds. Monthly, random consumers post complaints about Travelopod and what’s bad about that is Travelopod never responded to their concerns.

A reviewer was not happy with Travelopod breaking their own Rule #49, wherein the customer was denied of a refund even when she called within 24 hours. She called 6 times and was refused to speak with the manager. She felt completely humiliated over the phone by unethical customer service representatives. Due to frustration and mental stress, she just gave the unrefunded ticket as a donation to their poor company.
Travelopod Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:         
  • Contact number:             855-340-6333
  • Contact Email:       
  • Fax Number:                    877-432-0902
  • Head Office Address:     1325 Elsona Ct, Sunnyvale, CA 94087, USA


I am still wondering where did the name Travelopod came from? A pod is a unit on aircraft having a particular function. I ponder how is it related to travelling? Is it because it is an essential part of an aircraft? Well, questions still remain unanswered, and this mere fact makes me shaky about using Travelopod. If I am an Indian, then I might consider so.

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  1. We stumbled upon travelopod when researching our latest trip; Mr. Bindesh Thakur was patient as he answered our questions and helped us navigate the ticket purchase. Because of his professionalism we had a wonderful trip and saved hundreds of dollars. We recommend your site to all our friends.


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