TravelStoreMaker Reviews

TravelStoreMaker Reviews

TravelStoreMaker Reviews-John Hazelwood
John Hazelwood

TravelStoreMaker traces its roots back to 2000 with 60 experienced employees teaming up to start an aviation business solution. Basically, TravelStoreMaker is not just an online travel agency, it’s an internet business engine that caters services to traditional airlines, low-cost airlines, charter and tour operators, consolidators, hotels, web portals, corporations, and affiliates wherein their range of business sums up a total of 24 countries worldwide.

Their Chairman and CEO since then has been Mr. John Hazelwood. Prior to TravelStoreMaker, Mr. Hazelwood is also the founder and CEO of some business giants such as Face to Face Bulgaria, INTRANSCO, and eCommerceAcademy. He is actually planning to launch a new travel startup soon.

What is TravelStoreMaker?

TravelStoreMaker Reviews-pageTravelStoreMaker’s page features let consumers search and compare airfare, hotel reservations, and car rental services. This only means that the travel business site is not just about booking because the bottom part of the page gives the option for their products with b2b platform and other aviation-related corporations.

To see the latest news about their company, just scroll down to the bottom of the page to their “Latest News” section. However, I noticed that the last news posted was dated back in 2013. Like other travel sites, newsletter services are also available on TravelStoreMaker and social media account links are also shown on the home page

TravelStoreMaker is generous with its page information. Aside from their direct contact number “+359 2 480 2222, they also offer other customer service numbers: (1) 512 377 6980, (44) 20 7617 7868, (61) 2 6100 4438, (39) 06 991 97 180, and the language is even interchangeable to 21 languages internationally.

TravelStoreMaker Reviews of Customers

However, it is kind of suspicious that the travel site doesn’t have any consumer reviews. TravelStoreMaker Reviews-whereDoes it mean no one ever tried to do business with them? Or maybe some did. Aren’t they good enough to be praised by their own customers? These are just questions, which almost affect the eligibility and the credibility of the company’s status. It is not safe to say the site is trustworthy.

On their Facebook account, I stumbled upon some comments posted on their social media account saying:
“I contacted this website for API and paid the money they asked me for and then they took the API back. They never answer emails or phone calls i lost my money goodbye! This company is a scam! STAY AWAY trust me you’ll regret it.” Check this review, click here.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:      
  • Contact number:           +359 2 480 2222
  • Contact Email:    
  • Fax Number:                  +359 2 983 2495
  • Head Office Address:   2a, Klokotnitsa Street 1202, Sofia, Bulgaria


My overall thoughts about TravelStoreMaker is that they are doubtful. Maybe, because only few companies start this kind of business (solutions) and they even got complaints already. How can you solve someone’s problem, if your company has a problem itself. These are just the basics. At least, make your site a little bit modernized to be convincing. Give us the benefit of the doubt.

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