TravelTriangle Reviews

TravelTriangle Reviews

The three Indian Institutes of Technology graduates (Sankalp Agarwal, Sanchit Garg, and Prabhat Gupta) had founded TravelTriangle in 2011 with an agenda of connecting travelers with verified travel agents.
TravelTriangle Reviews-Sankalp Agarwal, Sanchit Garg & Prabhat Gupta
Well, the story goes like this: these three students a year before establishing TravelTriangle were actually working for Adobe, Oracle, and Yahoo. Then, they went on a holiday vacation to Ladakh through a travel agent and were satisfied. However, as they arrived at their destination, they met several travellers who had better trip accommodations from different travel agents This rooted their idea to customize their own Holiday Plan company, now more known as TravelTriangle.

Even if TravelTriangle had just recently started, they were actually the first full-stack Holiday Marketplace which is also privately-owned.

What is TravelTriangle?
When we tried exploring TravelTriangle at first, we were still unsure if we’ll consider them as an online travel agency. Because, the steps are actually basic and similar on how to search, compare, and book online via travel sites. On TravelTriangle, it will initially ask travellers to enter their destination, number of days, budget, and if travelling alone. In this review, I entered US, for a week (7 days), 5,000 Rupees (since the budget is in Rupee by default), and with a partner. After clicking “Explore,” it led me to an option to request quotes from their experts.
This time, it asked for more direct questions like the preferred destination and departure date, then after I hit “Request Quotes,” it will inform customers that they have to wait for 24-48 hours to receive a quote from their experts. Though, to save yourself from the boredom of waiting for just a random quote decided by them, customers also have the option to just manually search or “Explore All Destinations” as featured on their main page.

The later part of the page only gives more of their top-selling destinations. They also have an animated version of images of their top three travel agents below, including how many trips they had sold. On TravelTriangle, they also had mentioned that they make customers’ purchases reliable and safe. However, I wonder why they are garnering these kinds of TravelTriangle reviews:

TravelTriangle Reviews of Customers
On the popular commenting site Mouthshut, TravelTriangle had gathered several negative reviews recently and in the past from their consumers. Some asked other travellers to stay away from TravelTriangle; some had considered them as having the worst customer service and as the worst trip organizer.

The most recent reviewer said that his experience from booking to the actual service was pathetic. But, what really caught our attention was the complaint where TravelTriangle misplaced their customer’s passport and didn’t help or provide compensation for their mistake.
TravelTriangle Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:             
  • Contact Number:                +91 120 4545612
  • Head Office Address:         Pioneer House, Lower Ground Floor,A 45-50,
                                                    Sector-16,Noida-201301, Uttar-Pradesh,India

Even after reading the origin and services of TravelTriangle, they do have online chat support and their page was easy to navigate. The TravelTriangle reviews alone were enough to convince me that this travel startup should be working on some of their downsides. Especially, if these specifically affect their overall reputation which drives the majority of their consumers out of their bracket.


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  1. They have one of the finest interview process with questions from varied domain.The work culture is employee friendly ,with young people and great minds.Learning here is exponential and interesting work.


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