Unique restaurants around the world

What does it take to be considered unique? Is it originality, authenticity? Well, whatever it is, being unique mostly leads to success.

A restaurant usually serves food and drinks to customers, nothing more, nothing less. Throughout the years, people came up with different ideas to stir things up.

Being weird and being unique are two very different things. But being weird can also be considered being unique.

Here are some of the most bizarre, well-thought and unique restaurants around the world.

Edelstein Cafe in Harajuku, Japan

edelstein-cafeThat's different ...  waiter Jun Sakurai, left, discusses his homework with Chiaki Satoyoshi and Saori Nishimura at Cafe Edelstein.

This cafe is perfect for anime fanatics. Waiters with costumes isn’t really unique, in fact it’s a common idea. What makes Edelstein cafe unique is not the cosplaying waiters, but the cosplaying and acting waiters. Waiters portray different characters from manga comics while serving people their food, so you may never know, one day you’re being served by shinobi naruto and the next day it’s the rubber man monkey d. luffy.

Opaque in California, USA


This place is not for individuals with Nyctophobia or fear of the dark. Customers are forced to eat in the dark. Don’t feel left out though, even the waiters are blinded while serving your meal. This restaurant might remind you of Bane’s line in the movie the Dark Knight Rises, “You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, moulded by it.”

Dinner in the Sky

o-DINNER-IN-THE-SKY-DELRAY-BEACH-facebookFrom June 4 to July 1, Brussels is offering a sky high culinary experience with Dinner in the Sky, a unique opportunity to discover Belgian gastronomy in an unusual way.

The name kinda gives it away, right? The sky high restaurant has been making some noise around the world. Several mobile services were already established in Paris, Las Vegas, Mexico, Canada and more. People are lifted above to enjoy a fine dining meal with personal sky-chefs. A calm experience with a hint of adrenaline rush, just a little. The open sky provides a wide view of the city you are in. One question though, what if they have to go to the bathroom?

Devil Island Prison Restaurant, China


Who would’ve thought that danger and dining works well together. The owner of this restaurant wanted people to realize the consequences of crimes by giving them an experience where they’re put behind bars. Pretty cool idea, problem might arise if a claustrophobic (fear of confined places) starts rampaging due to intense fear.

Ninja New York in USA


In this restaurant stealth shinobis serve your food. You’ll never know where they’re coming from and they have no intention on telling you. Simply sit back and wait for the ninja’s to serve your food. So if you ever felt like someone’s about to throw a shuriken (throwing star) at you, think again, he might be bringing you the extra spoon you asked for.

C&C (Cabbages and Condoms) Restaurant


Perfect place to eat and learn more about safe sex. Waiters are tasked to serve your food with a condom place on their heads. A little weird and insane at the same time, but the restaurant wants to promote the idea of safe sex. This place is probably not suitable for little kids, a good opportunity to learn something, but don’t risk it.

Chillout Ice lounge in Dubai


This restaurant was built and is owned by queen Elsa from the movie Frozen, just kidding. The entire building is built from ice, including the utensils and plates you use to eat your food. This restaurant will surely give you a one-of-a kind experience. Also instead of asking for extra ice, you can just carve some from the walls, once again, just kidding.

Dick’s Last Resort in USA


There are 17 branches of this restaurant scattered all over the United States. Waiters and restaurant staff should be polite while serving the customers. That idea is thrown to the toilet long ago in Dick’s last resort. The waiters have the freedom to curse at you, insult you, make fun of your appearance and all in all, make a fool out of you while you eat. The customers aren’t allowed to be mad, they have to take every word wholeheartedly and just smile. This is a perfect place for anger management patients.

There are hundreds more in each corner of the world. Other people might not consider eating in any of these restaurants because they are set in their ways. Having an open mind is one key if you want to visit some of these restaurants. Being unique isn’t only about originality, it also has something to do with being effective.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this article about Unique restaurants around the world. Feel free to leave your comments below.


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  1. My ultimate goal right now is to dine in the sky. Good thing they have one here in Canada, all I need to do now is save up some money. Great review by the way


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