United Airlines Reviews

United Airlines Reviews

In 1925, the US government enacted the Contract Air Mail Act, which decided that the US Army Air Corps is incapable of carrying air mail service. With that, a privately owned company was hired to do the job for delivering mail across the country.

Thus began the foundation of one of the biggest airlines in the country, United Airlines. Come and join me in witnessing the commencement of the United Airlines growth in years.

The Independent United Airlines

The first contracts for airmail flying were awarded to Walter Varney and his Varney Air Service in 1925. Varney established his company headquarters in Pasco, Washington. On April 6th, 1926, the company had moved to Boise, Idaho.

United Airlines Reviews-Oscar Munoz
Oscar Munoz

Meanwhile, William Boeing had founded his Boeing Air Transport in 1927; he began operating and buying other airmail companies. This included Varney Air Lines. In 1929, Boeing merged all the companies he bought to create the United Aircraft and Transport Corporation (UATC).

However in 1934, UATC was divided into three companies: United Aircraft, Boeing Airplane Company, and United Air Lines. After years of continuing transformation, United Airlines merged with Capital Airlines in 1961 to regain its position as the US’ largest airline.

Oscar Munoz was appointed as President and CEO of the airline on September 8th, 2015. He replaced the former CEO, Jeff Smisek, who hastily resigned after being shrouded by allegations of fraud and suspected shadowy dealings with David Samson. Jeff Smisek was featured on our “Top 5 Infamous Airline Scandals”, even #1 in the ranking.

Facts about the United Airlines

The American airline known as “United” has over 84,000 employees with a fleet size of 719 that has major hubs in nine international airports (seven within US, two at Guam, and Tokyo). It is known as the world’s largest airline in terms of the destinations it serves, which total to 375 international chartered flights. United Airlines is one of the founding members of Star Alliance, which is also the first and largest global airline alliance.

It won’t be a surprise that the airline received lots of global recognition and honors in the previous years. The most recent one was being one of the finalists for Project ICARUS on October 3, 2015. They also held the 60th spot in “The World’s Top 100 Airlines” by Skytrax World Travel Awards 2015.

United InFlight Services

United Economy, United Business, United BusinessFirst, United First, and United Global First are the five cabin classes in United Airlines. Each of the classes are presented with different kinds of services depending on the flight routes whether they’re long or short haul, or whether they’re domestic or international flights.
United Airlines Reviews-services
United Business, First and Global First Class passengers get to enjoy priority check-in, baggage handling, boarding, spacious seating, lounge access and amenity kits featuring Murad products.

All of the passengers are served with palatable international cuisines from the appetizer to the main course, dessert selection, and snacks. Passengers can also choose from a selection of  international wines, juices or any choice of beverages. Traditional Japanese meals are also served on flights chartered from the US to Japan.

United Airlines inflight entertainment depends on the aircraft model. Seatback entertainment is available to keep passengers entertained while travelling in Boeing 767s and 777s on international routes. Passengers under United First and United Business receive a set of noise-cancelling headphones to be used with their own media player in order for them to enjoy the wide selection of movies, TV shows, games and audiobooks available during the flight. Personal electronic devices can be connected to the inflight Internet connection powered by Gogo.

PC and Mobile Services

United Airlines Reviews-pageThe official website of United Airlines is definitely pleasing to the eyes. It will remind you of the Windows 8 tiles. These quick link tiles help customers search and book flights, make hotel reservations, rent cars, and check cruises and vacation packages. The other features of the website let travelers check-in online, check flight status, and sign-in or join the Mileage Plus program.

In case of language barrier, the language selector is located at the top center of the page next to the “Contact Us” button. Customers can select their continent or country of origin and language using this feature. The other functions of the website provide information about the airline’s policies and inflight services.

The mobile travel app of United Airlines is now available for iOS and Android users. United Airlines Reviews-mobile appThe mobile app’s featured functions are similar to the website. The mobile app offers travel assistance such as booking flights, checking flight status, checking-in online, and accessing the Mileage Plus membership page.

Another advantage of the mobile app is its e-ticket feature (aka the mobile boarding pass card) that lets customers move in and around the airport easily, just by having their smartphones scanned.

United Airlines reviews of the Passengers

Although, I did expect the read several negative comments from various United Airlines reviews, I was not expecting to see a thousand complaints from Consumeraffairs.com. Add to that, AirlineRatings.com gave United Airlines a total of 3 out of a 5-rating overall score.

Let me share you one recent review where the customer posted her feedback on April 3rd, 2016. The passenger said “The worst customer service I have had and I am not one to complain. I had a 6 am flight booked to go to Houston then Cozumel an hour after. We were then told the flight was then delayed by 8 hours (supposed to leave around 2 in in the afternoon but I later checked and and it didn’t leave until 5). No one explained the situation until 2 hours later.”

To see the full story, click here.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                         www.ual.com
  • Contact Number:                  +1 847 700 40 00
  • Contact Email:                      media.relations@united.com
  • Fax Number:                         +1 847 700 22 14
  • Head Office Address:           PO Box 06649 Chicago, IL 60606-0649 United States

Overall Thoughts

After reading several United Airlines reviews, I believe that the airline is bringing forth a new definition to the word “United.” Not only is it using the word to define their strongest quality or class of their service, but also they have also proven that an airline doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to be united.

As the popular adage goes, “United we stand, divided we fall.” What can you say about their progress? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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  1. The plane was on route both directions (OSL-NYC return). The cabin staff made our flight very pleasant. Of course there is not much space in economy seat but it turned out to be manageable.


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