Unusual Bus Stops from Around the World

Unusual Bus Stops from Around the World
Unusual Bus Stops from Around the World-Bus Stop

Waiting can really be a pain in the ass. It can make you oblivious in a span of milliseconds. This happens everyday around the world; we’re not talking about lonely hearts or hopeless romantics.

No one likes to wait for the bus, especially if there’s nowhere to sit, it’s freezing outside, and there’s a massive crowd. Some geniuses or more known as designers have taken the matter into their own hands and created some Unusual Bus Stops from Around the World that will ease the waiting games and make anyone of all ages smile.

1. Fruit-Shaped Bus Stops
Unusual Bus Stops from Around the World-Fruit-Shaped Bus Stops

Originally created along with 16 other quirky bus stops as a local tourist attraction, this juicy shelter is straight out from a Japanese manga: Hanasaku Iroha Blossoms for Tomorrow. Thanks to this manga and the designers who turned into reality. Now, these Fruit-Shaped Bus Stops can be randomly found in Konagai (a town in Japan).

2. Typographic Sculpture Bus Stop
Typographical Sculpture Bus Stop

The unique bus stop is an experiment on typography and public art. Located at a
Baltimore street, this metal and wooden strip design offers citizens a surprisingly fun way to wait for the bus.

3. Oven Bus Stop
Unusual Bus Stops from Around the World-Oven Bus Stop

How about toasting your buns in sub-zero temps? This huge oven-like bus stop is found in Minnesota. I know this image is too mainstream but please, we should admit that this bus stop is really hot.

4. Skateboard Bus Stop
Unusual Bus Stops from Around the World-Skateboard Bus Stop

For all skaters out there, this is your chance to play while you wait for your next ride. The addition of a real skateboard ramp on the side of this otherwise inconspicuous Copenhagen, Denmark bus stop gives young passengers a way to pass the time.

5. Bruno Taylor’s Bus Stop
Unusual Bus Stops from Around the World-Bruno Taylor bus stop

This is one of Bruno Taylor’s projects to bring play back into public places. Who’ll be bored sitting on a swing at the bus stop? Yes, this brilliant idea had helped several frequent bystanders to kill time in a fun way. See these installed swings on bus stops in London.

6. Recycled Bottle Bus Stop
Unusual Bus Stops from Around the World-Recycled Bottle bus stop

Look closely. Yes those are bottles!

This upcycled stop located in Kentucky, designed by University of Kentucky student Aaron Scales, is constructed out of soda bottles that have been equipped with solar powered LED lights. During the day, sunlight filters through the bottles like stained glass, and at night the stop is gently illuminated by the stored-up solar energy.

7. IKEA Bus Stops
Unusual Bus Stops from Around the World-IKEA Bus Stops

The Scandinavian furniture maker has a long history of creative advertising, which occasionally means turning bus stops into pop-up living rooms. Way to go to these dream living room views of bus stops located in Paris and New York.

8. LEGO Bus Stop
Unusual Bus Stops from Around the World-LEGO Bus Stop

Yet again, London made another place in this list. It is literally made of LEGO. It took 100,000 building blocks to create this LEGO bus stop on Regent Street – including signage, seats and the see-through back wall.

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