Venice Review

Venice Review

Venice, Italy has many nicknames including “City of Water”, “City of Bridges”, “Queen of Adriatic,” etc.” This city is known for their canals and gondola rides with singing men.

According to historians and traditions, Venice was founded on March 25th, 421 AD. During those days, Venice was a lagoon, which is why Venice is also called the “City Built on Water.”

There have been many explanations and theories about the etymology of Venice. Some people say that Venice was derived from the latin forms of Venetia and Venetiae, others believe that it came from the name of a group of Roman people called Veneti.

One reminder for all travelers out there: if you are planning to go to Venice, make sure to bring someone with you, someone you share a romantic relationship with.

Weather Conditions:

Weather conditions effects varies differently for many areas. Factors to consider are types of terrain, ground level, landforms, seaforms and more. If a place has a very low-level ground, it would be easily flooded by heavy rainfall. There are many things to consider regarding the climate of the destination you are about to visit. Research first or you just might arrive at your destination and find out that it’s hurricane season all week long.

Weather Patterns:

Venice has a Humid Subtropical climate, with very warm summers and cool winters. The coldest month is January instead of December, temperature drops to -0.1°C (31.82°F). According to, winter is the best season to visit Venice, “winter in venice is cold but magical.”  The streets are quiet, the ambiance is very calming with hot beverages during the winter night.

On, summer and spring are the ideal seasons for visiting the city, the climate is fairly warm with the daily temperature average of 27°C (80.6°F) when flowers  start to bloom. April to June and September to October are the best months for Venice to be at its full beauty for people from all around the world to visit.

During autumn, the tides are high in Venice that may result to streets flooding. November includes sunshine, fog and the occasional flood.
Activities & Outdoor Adventures:

Venice is a very unique city among others in the world, mainly because most parts of the area are covered in water. People of Venice found a way to use that feature to their own advantage, no they didn’t fish in the canals, they build sturdy gondolas and gave people rides around the city while serenading them with a song. Travelers mainly look forward to these gondola rides, but there are so much more to do in Venice.

LocationDestinations/ActivitiesHours of operation
Dorsoduro, Venice, ItalyVenice Jazz Club7PM - 11PM (Mon - Wed)
7PM - 11PM (Fri & Sat)
Campo Rusolo o San Gallo | 1097 San Marco,30124 Venice, ItalyTeatro San Gallo10AM - 9PM (Sun - Sat)
Accademia along Gran Canal, 30123 Venice, ItalyPeggy Guenheim10AM - 6PM (Wed - Mon)
Dorsoduro 3136, Venice, ItalyCa’ Rezzonico10AM - 6PM (Wed - Mon)
Calle Fiubera 801, 30124 Venice, ItalySan Marco 80110AM - 7PM (Sun - Sat)

Places to Stay:

Ca’ Pisani Hotel

On, positive reviews for this hotel are still counting. This one guy said “Five stars isn’t enough” because of the beautiful rooms the service is efficient. Ca’ Pisani embraced a very traditional interior design with vintage furnitures. Rooms are not that big, but are daily maintained to keep cleanliness and orderliness.

Hotel Moresco

This little hotel is close to the canals that provides a very soothing and calming environment for your stay. Bedrooms are different from each other but comfort is consistent for each room. During the night, enter your slumber while listening to the calm water outside.

For more choices of hotels click here.

Tourist Attractions:

Doge’s Palace

One of the major landmarks of Venice, this gothic style site was established in 1340, so it is clear that it has stood the test of time. Every part of the palace is truly breathtaking including the Facade, courtyard, Museo dell’Opera, apartments and chambers.


Bridge of Sighs

Not really a hidden gem, but a gem. The Bridge of Sighs was named by Lord Byron from the italian phrase “Ponte dei sospiri.” Prisoners back then would sigh to show sadness about seeing the beauty of Venice one last time before they are taken to their cells. The bridge is made of limestone and its windows have stone bars.


Saint Mark’s Basilica

This Basilica is an architectural combination of Byzantine and Gothic architecture. The outside appearance of the Basilica is truly astounding and the mosaics inside are beautiful. One thing to look forward to are the birds landed on the ground, you can scare them off, but don’t hurt them.




The Carnivals of Venice is known for their beautiful collection of Masks. Masks play a huge role in this celebration, there are several types of mask with their respective features. There have been many stories about the origin of the Carnivals of Venice, one particular story seems to be reliable. The Carnival was initially a victory party for Serenissima Repubblica for their battle against Patriarch of Aquileia, Ulrico di Treven in the year 1162. The festival takes place during the pre-lenten time of the year. This is the largest and most famous ball in the world.



Osteria Boccadoro

The Imaginative and innovative culinary work by Luciano Orlandi have kept the restaurant in business. “Commitment and Sacrifice” are they key values of this restaurant since its opening in 2007. Their italian cuisine is extensive with a variety of servings cooked to perfection with fresh ingredients everyday. “Marvelous, astounding and excellent” are used to describe the restaurant. Osteria Boccadoro received hundreds of positive reviews from customers through the year.


Antiche Carampane

Their Venetian cuisine has been attracting customers from all over italy. This restaurant appears to be well-known by politicians and showbiz personalities. Meals are delicious, service is perfect and the value of money is there according to online reviews.


Tourist/ Traveler information for future references.


The Venice Experience

Venice is small compared to other major cities like London or New York, but their tourism attractions are great and interesting. Visiting Venice would be a great priviledge to find out more about Italian cuisine, Venetian customs and of course romantic gondola rides with someone special. Hope this Venice review was helpful and informative. Leave your comments below for questions.


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