WestJet Reviews

WestJet Reviews

Is it a false accusation against a former pilot or did WestJet get a lead to something else? If you’ll recall the news 2 days ago, when a former pilot sued Westjet, alleges false accusation over bomb threats.

Keith KippenKeith Kippen, a 48-year old former pilot of WestJet who was on disability leave for depression for three years. was said to have tried to return to work, even if his condition continued and it was determined by doctors that he was not fit to fly.  WestJet received a complaint from a member of the public, who alleged Kippen was involved in insurance fraud, and other allegations from three fellow WestJet pilots that Kippen owed them thousands of dollars over property deals that had folded. So, WestJet says it is justified in terminating Kippen’s employment because he was insubordinate in disobeying WestJet’s direction.

But what’s the news really all about? The former pilot was alleged to be the person behind WestJet’s series of bomb threats received. Whoever’s side you’re on, may justice prevail, may justice be served.

WestJet Reviews

In this review, we’ll be looking at one of the best airlines of Canada. Join me as we discover how is it to fly with the second largest airline in Canada next to Air Canada.
WestJet Reviews-aircraft
WestJet consists of a 118 all-Boeing fleet which provides scheduled and charter air service to 100 destinations in Canada, the United States, Europe, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. The airline traces its roots back to 1996 and started as a budget airline but in time, WestJet had grown and now, let’s a take closer look at its services.

Flying with WestJet
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WestJet has two kind of cabin classes: Economy Plus and Business Travel, though this will depend on the flyer’s preference. Choosing WestJet’s business travel will suit perfectly for businessmen or business travellers. Passengers get more space to work while on board, plus a connection is available to keep their electronic devices connected.

Economy Plus passengers are not left out, they have the perks to select or reserve their preferred seat location and WestJet makes sure customers will be as comfortable as possible with their leather seats on board. Passengers can  enjoy their inflight entertainment while grabbing a bite from their buy-on-board menu.

WestJet Reviews-economy plusWestJet does have a loyalty program called “WestJet Rewards”; like other airline programs, WestJet’s  frequent flyer receives points with each flight but they call it “WestJet dollars”. These dollars are redeemable and can be converted to other airlines’ service benefits. Who knows? Their next flight might be free or discounted once they earned enough.

Official Website and Mobile app

WestJet Reviews-pageThe airline’s official website looks really stunning since they have chosen turquoise and blue as their theme. The summer expression of the background completes the whole package of the web page. WestJet site lets customers search and book online for flight deals, vacation packages, hotel reservations and car rentals. Like most airlines’ sites, with WestJet, customers can check their flight status and manage their booking online.

As they consider as “App-citing”, WestJet has a travel app for all the services mentioned above. It’s a complete mobile version of the PC services. Customers and users of the mobile application gave each application from App Store and Google Play Store a 4/5 overall rating.
WestJet Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                       http://www.westjet.com/en-ca/index
  • Contact Number:                 +1 403 444 26 00
  • Fax Number:                        +1 403 444 22 61
  • Head Office Address:          21 Aerial Place North East, Calgary, Alberta, T2E 8X7, Canada


Therefore, WestJet has been a highly recommended airline since then. Their reputation of keeping good quality of customer service never gets old even with its 20 years of soaring the skies. Thanks to their good customer service plan and consistent quality of flights at a reasonable price.

Have you flown with WestJet? Feel free to share your experience below.


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  1. London Gatwick to Calgary with WestJet. 3 hour delay leaving Gatwick that was not communicated. Route was flown with an ancient Boeing 767 supplied by Omni Air. No WiFi, poor seats and tvs. The only thing that reminded us it was a WestJet flight was that we still had to pay for food on our 9 hour flight


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