Whichbudget Review

An idea you had in the past may be your ticket to your biggest break. Like Peter Higgs when he proposed a paper for a new subatomic particle in 1964 called the higgs boson. He was rejected at first then in 2013 they actually found it and it rocketed Higgs career to a whole new level.

This kind of incident also applies to other sectors or factors like in the travel industry. Whichbudget was an idea of two college kids and it’s now in motion.


3f1f05aThe idea for Whichbudget started in the 1990s when young lovers Martino Matijevic and Isabelle de Cato fell were just students. Matijevic was an IT wiz, he established a website to help their friends finalize their travel dilemmas quickly. Subsequently, Whichbudget was born.

Matijevic serves as the CEO guiding the company.



8E5FVEJThe operation started when Matijevic launched the website in 2002. Whichbudget doesn’t sell flight tickets since they’re only a search engine, they provide the connection from their trusted affiliates to the travelers.

The website is pretty plain, nothing new and to be honest, it’s a little compact. Anyway, the interface is easy to navigate, you just type where you’re coming from and where you’re going. It’s pretty standard. They also provide hotel reservations and car rentals. Their travel services are available on countries in Europe, Japan, USA, and Australia. There are no commissions and no fees for availing the company’s services.

They have a blog with a collection of travel guide articles that distribute useful information about traveling and latest updates about the travel industry. Some of the articles promote their partner airlines like Easyjet.

Customer Service

Rngirl3When this article was written, their contact page is not available. There was a picture of a cat and they said that Garfield was running their IT office.  We couldn’t find any contact information, they did mention that customers can talk to them via social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Can this be considered witty, or is it a sign that the company isn’t that capable of functioning properly?


Online ratings

Whichbudget isn’t really that famous worldwide, there are only few reviews for the travel company.

A review article on Easycounter, they said that Whichbudget’s traffic is mostly generated from the US. They also said that the website is “poorly socialized.”

Their Facebook page has over 8,000 likes and almost 8,000 Twitter followers. They’re active in their promotion and advertisements. So, what is up with the company?

It seems that the team of Whichbudget is starting to be more passive about their jobs, is it possible that the company is facing major problems?

Looks like the company really needs to improve their operations big time.


Pretty sure that thousands of peoples already booked with Whichbudget which kept the company running all these years. But it’s starting to get tougher competing against thousands of travel sites. Whichbudget needs to be more innovative and organized on the way they do things. They also need more feedback from travelers to make some good noise for the industry.

You can visit their website by clicking here. You can also call their CEO via this number +33 (0)660 096 749 or message him through this email address martino@whichbudget.com.

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