WhichBudget Reviews

WhichBudget Reviews

Being open minded with other people’s inquiries is an important factor of a good leader. Basically, WhichBudget started with just a question from a friend. Let us see its origins and the stability of the company.

Which Budget?

WhichBudget Reviews-logoInitially, in the 1990s, the founder of Whichbudget, Martino Matijevic and his girlfriend were students in Oxford. Language was the first problem between both of them, he was English and Isabelle was French. Isabelle returned to the city of Nice in France after her year in Oxford and in order to see each other as often as possible with a student budget they used low budget flights by low cost airlines.

WhichBudget Reviews-Martino Matijevic
Martino Matijevic

They started their career as travellers in England and still use low cost airlines, because of that they became popular with their friends due to their being knowledgeable with destinations. They received a lot of questions from their friends, one of which sparked the creation of WhichBudget: “My friend is coming to see me from Brussels. Do you know which budget airline flies from Brussels?” After hearing that, Martino got an idea of creating a page wherein all of those kinds of questions could be answered and that’s WhichBudget. To see their website click here.
The 40-year old British internet entrepreneur, Mr. Martino Matijevic, is the founder and the CEO of Whichbudget and has been since April 2002. He is also a director of 8 other companies.


NOT with WhichBudget!!!

WhichBudget Reviews-pageThe website’s interface looks very confusing, though their website will allow customers to see the cheapest flights showing on the hand side. The main features of the website will let customers book a flight either one way or roundtrip, customers have to select their location and desired country, then will be asked to hit Search Flights. After hitting search flights, the website will give a list of flights available from selected locations to the certain country but will not display prices, the only thing visible is the weather of the country. The other functions of the website allow customers to book a hotel/hostel reservation, car rentals and options to view their Blogs. However the option to select your country doesn’t work.

WhichBudget Reviews-error404One of the funny things about Whichbudget is the way their Error 404 page looks. It seems like their customers are experiencing enough problems with searching that they came up with this joke: Garfield as their IT. On that page customers are given 3 options; insist that they’ll fire Garfield, ask their customer to go back to the homepage and try searching again or reach them in their social media accounts for the inquiries.

Out of Budget

In this Whichbudget review, the budget travel specialists say they are not an airline and they don’t sell any tickets. It is said that you don’t pay them anything. All they do is search hundreds of airlines and travel agencies to send customers information about the airline or travel agency of their choice. However it is kind of odd that they don’t have any customer reviews showing on the web, no number to call, no head office and no contact email. I wonder how they accommodate their customers if the website itself is faulty.


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  1. A total rip-off, I booked with this deceiving self-proclaimed best travel site. I wish I never gave them my credit card information. Now, I am still suffering with the consequences of THEIR action. Those multiple charges maxed out my credit card. Stay away from this burglar!

  2. I think this travel site means, which budget should we steal. Yes, WhichBudget offers several low-budget travel package. But there’s actually a catch behind it. So not saving at all. Hidden fees. I thought I was the only one who experienced this. but heard from a friend of friend he was even double charge for a single transaction


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