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Some people are enticed by the promising results from establishing travel agencies. Thousands of people are engaged in the travel industry hoping to make an impression, most of those people aren’t able to make it through a year. With the competition and the rapid changes in new media, it’s very difficult to build a your own travel agency.

Wotif’s establishment

Wotif is one of the product brands under Expedia.  The company was launched in March of 2000. Just recently in July, 2014, Expedia finalized an agreement to purchase Wotif for $657 million. Building on that, Wotif appears to have made great progress within the years of their service.

Graeme Wood has been the CEO since January, 2013. He was also appointed as Managing Director to come up with developmental ideas for the company to grow.

Graeme wood,  CEO of Wotif
Graeme wood, CEO of Wotif

Wotif online review

On Productreview.com, Wotif got a total of a 2.2 out of 5 star rating. It seems that most of the customers found Wotif’s travel services to be terrible. One patron used the phrase “dishonest scammers,” to describe the company, a redundant and negative review. Another patron used the phrase “money stealing thieves,” also not good and also redundant.


Wotif distributes vouchers to customers to keep them happy or make amends for their shortcomings, but some customers claim that their vouchers aren’t credible at all. The different aspects of their operation were targeted by negative reviews including their customer service and refund policy.

Things are a little different on Feefo.com because the company recieved 87% percent of their votes favoring the company’s efficiency and excellence in their services. The positive reviews have a different way of saying their feedback but the general idea is that, the process with Wotif is easy and their travel products are credible. Which website is more reliable to determine if Wotif is a good or bad company.

The Website


Some customers prefer the old website interface of Wotif over the new one, they say that the current website is more confusing.

The website is actually user-friendly and straightforward. Looking for flight deals and other travel products is easy. They even promote top deals for flights, hotels and vacation packages with discounted price daily.

The Scratchpad

Customers can apply for Scratchpad to receive updates about the latest deals. It’s kinda like having an account and being a subscriber of Wotif.

Mobile App


With their mobile application, travelers have access to Wotif’s travel products using their smartphones. Easier access, better connectivity.

Customer Service

Travelers can address their questions to customer service representatives any time of the day. Wotif also welcomes feedback from customers either positive or negative.

On their support page, help topics are provided for customers to gain access to the information they need.


The company is a subsidiary of Expedia, one of the largest travel companies in the world. What does being bought by a bigger company say? Is it possible that Wotif predicted that they might not be able to handle what the future holds? Or did they stumble upon a great opportunity and decided to take it without a second thought. Wotif probably found better horizons by merging with a bigger company that promises a better future.

Wotif’s Contact infomation

  • Website: https://www.wotif.com/
  • Contact number: 1800 781 972  (Australia) and 0508 283 870 (New Zealand)
  • Facebook: /Wotif
  • Twitter: /Wotif


There’s nothing really wrong or immoral about seeking management from a bigger company. In the travel industry, wisdom is also an arsenal. However, regarding those negative reviews, Wotif might consider thinking of ways to improve their services.

Feel free to leave your comments below about this Wotif Review. Travel safe and Travel smart.


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  1. I find wotif unreliable, I have booked with them 4 times already. My first experience was amazing, but the other three, well not so much. I would recommend booking with Expedia instead.


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