Wotif Reviews

Wotif Reviews

The Australian travel site traces its roots back to 2000 with Graeme Wood in Brisbane, Australia. Initially, it was operating under the Wotif Group for reservation services of hotels in Australia. Wotif had been ranked as one of the top 15,000 trafficked websites on the Internet during its humble beginnings. In 2007, the founder was replaced by Robbie Cooke as CEO (but was replaced by Daniel Finch in 2014)
. In the same year, Wotif acquired Travel.com.au for $57 million which gave Wotif a share in websites dealing in “online flight, car, cruise and holiday bookings.”
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Wotif Group has offices in Australia, including its head office in Brisbane, with additional offices in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam. However, in 2014, it had a made a deal with Wotif and bought the travel site for an amount of $657 million (703 million AUD) and this was approved by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

What if Wotif?

Wotif Reviews-pageSome customers prefer the old website interface of Wotif over the new one, they say that the current website is more confusing.

Though, to be honest, the website is actually user-friendly and straightforward. Looking for flight deals and other travel products is easy. They even promote top deals for flights, hotels, and vacation packages with discounted prices daily. On the other hand, customers can also create their account to manage their flights and receive updates about the latest flights, hotels, and other deals.

Wotif Reviews-mobile appAs they say, “Your next adventure is only a few taps away”. To establish a better connection toward customers, Wotif came up with the idea of their own mobile application. Access to flight and hotel deals is easy with smartphones; the app also shows a gallery of hotels and room features. Customers can also read reviews from previous customers for future reference. Wotif travel app is available and free to be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Wotif Reviews of Customers

Wotif Reviews-complaintsChecking the Wotif reviews online, several negative feedback appears to flood ProductReview. Consumers created a section for Wotif, wherein most of the comments are stating that promotion deals are misleading and the agency is nothing but a crook. Many customers were charged extra fees without any valid reason. One consumer shared his experience: he booked with Wotif twice, then he got a message from Wotif saying, “Sorry, unable to process your booking at this time. Please try again later,” but when he checked his bank account, he was actually charged for that transaction which was never processed.

Wotif Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                https://www.wotif.com/
  • Contact Number:         00 61 2 8228 1670
  • Head Office Address:  7 Baroona Road Milton, QLD 4064 Australia


If negative reviews keep on surfacing, their reputation will continue to decline. Being a subsidiary of Expedia, Wotif can probably manage to recover and provide more efficient service. A lot of room for improvement, but if they were able to push through all these years, who knows, they might make a great comeback or they may never come back at all. Time will determine their fate.


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  1. cancelled trip. that was not an issue. checked bank statement 3 weeks later. still not refunded. called wotif. told me it had been processed and told me to check with my bank and that the transaction could be pending. not the case at all as i have chased it up with the bank. in the throws of lodging a claim against them through the bank. would never recommend them to anyone given their poor refund policy if cancel.


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