Zuji Reviews

Zuji Reviews

Zuji’s slogan: “Memories begin here.” Have you ever wondered “what’s the meaning of Zuji?” I tried looking for it, the best result I found was “A female messenger”, which I guess kinda makes sense when referring to travel agencies. Anyway, let us begin here and take a glimpse of what memories are they referring to.

All about “Zuji”

Zuji Reviews-Hui Wan Chua
Hui Wan Chua

Zuji is one of the leading online travel agencies in Asia Pacific, which was founded in 2002. The head office is located at 238A Thompson Road, #12-06/07 Novena Square, Office Tower A, Singapore 307684 though Zuji also operates in Australia and Hong Kong. Zuji is a subsidiary of Travelocity.

Zuji was onced owned by Sabre (Travelocity parent company), but then was bought by Webjet. In 2013, Zuji parent company Webjet had recruited Travelport Senior Regional Director-Asia, Ms. Hui Wan Chua, as their new CEO for Webjet and Zuji too.

The Page and its Mobile app

The page of Zuji is a contrast of shades of blue that leaves a soothing effect on the customers. The page’s features let customers search different price listings for flights and hotel reservations, check-in online and car rentals. It also allows customers to see the latest packages, hot deals and offers Zuji has.
Zuji Reviews-page
Zuji Exclusives and Newsletter are the email subscription services offered by Zuji to receive the latest deals. To get subscribed with Zuji Newsletter it only asks for your email. With Zuji Exclusives it asks for customer’s first and last name, email address, country, gender, status and date of birth. Zuji Exclusive customers are getting charged for the service however they’ll have their trip for free, sounds contradicting.

The page also allows you to get insured with their Zuji Travel Insurance service. Customers are asked to fill out their country of departure, destination, departure date, return date and if they’re going alone or in a group. After filling out all the necessary information the page will ask you to hit “Get My Quote”.

Zuji Reviews-mobile appCustomers can chat with their live agents once they get to the page, a box option to do so will appear.

The Zuji mobile app provides customers the same features the website offers. Searching flights, hotel reservations, car rentals, past and upcoming trips using their Zuji profile. All of these functions in one app. Available in iOS and Android.

Customer’s Feedback

Based on several Zuji reviews, the online travel search engine keeps receiving bad comments from their customers. Well, I am not actually surprised about it. Out of 185 Zuji reviews. they garnered a 1.⅘ rating on ProductReview. The most recent was posted on the 27th of February 2016. The reviewer titled his review as “WARNING” when he actually said:

“Do not book your tickets with Zuji EVER. Classic bait-and-switch/false advertisement operator. Advertises a flight from Melbourne to Hong Kong from $936. Being $100 cheaper than the next best offer, I duly booked the flight. Comes back to me 12 hours later and requests an additional $200 or my booking is cancelled. Further, when I decided to cancel the flight, Zuji advises me that the refund for my initial $936 will take 5-7 days. So not only did they sell me a service they cannot/had no intention to provide, they are holding my mone y for the “privilege” of being fleeced by them.”

He ended his review with a moral story: “If you are ever tempted to book with this unethical and dishonest operator, pause, turn and walk away because you will be paying more than you had bargained for.”

Contact Information

  • Zuji Reviews-logoWebsite URL:                        www.zuji.com.sg
  • Contact number:                  +65 6215 9600
  • Contact Email:                      onlinetravel@zuji.com.sg
  • Fax Number:                         +65 6215 9605
  • Head Office Address:           238A Thompson Road, #12-06/07 Novena Square, Office Tower A, Singapore 307684

In a nutshell

Zuji is setting their good impression however there are many dissatisfied customers. The Zuji Exclusive service sounds interesting and quite confusing too. I think Zuji needs to take a closer look to these minor concerns to avoid major ones.

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  1. Got the bait and switch of advertising a low fair, you pay for it and they take your money then get an email that the fair is sold out and you need to pay more. Whilst they charge you immediately without ticketing they say that a refund will take weeks. No email correspondence is returned.


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